Most of us have at one time or another experienced waiting for a spanking. Some of those experiences may have been most unpleasant and while others were delicious. Perhaps you are looking forward to making someone wait or someone making you wait? I discovered this story at The Spanking Theatre in the Waiting category. Drop by and find some other treats. This is the middle part of three short vignettes.

top shelf

My version of the top shelf


I approach to within two paces of my prone young student. I see her legs tremble, and I know she is afraid. I know her heart is fluttering, her primal instincts telling her to run away from the imminent discomfort. Yet here she still is, compliant and submissive, lying across my sturdy old oak table, waiting for the spanking that will wipe all her transgressions away. At heart she’s a good girl, sometimes a bit reckless, impulsive even, she’ll benefit from a lesson in patience.
I am scolding now: “I am very disappointed in you, young lady. Your teachers consider you a gifted student, but your casual approach to your studies must be corrected.”
Now my voice softens, as if to emphasise my sadness at her disobedience.
“And I gave you explicit instructions not to turn around, yet you still disobeyed me.”
A meek voice peeps, “I’m sorry, sir.”
But I have punished too many recalcitrant minxes to be sure of her sincerity. At first, most I punish are only really sorry they’ve been caught. But by the time they leave this room, their bottoms glowing, their sorrow tends to be genuine.
“Let us begin. Place your hands on your head.”
She complies without complaint, a good sign.
Next, my fingers grasp the hem of her skirt. She emits a shallow gasp as her upper thighs and panties are exposed. Moments later I’ve folded her skirt and tucked it into her waistband.
She is holding her legs tightly together, clenching her bottom in anticipation of what’s to come. I reach down to correct her stance.
“Legs apart, please. Point your toes inward. I don’t want to see you clenching your bottom.”
Now I can see her globes stretching the material of her white school knickers.
“Good girl. I expect you to take your discipline with grace. No shouting or pleading, or I shall take down your panties. We’ll begin with a session with the leather paddle. Then you’ll discover the special punishment reserved for impatient peepers.”
I begin to rub the paddle over her taught underwear and the bare skin of her upper thighs. It’s less shocking that way. I start spanking slowly and gently, alternating between her cheeks. My spanks increase in force until she begins to wince with every smack. A pink glow begins to develop underneath her panties. Her breath is ragged, as she struggles to keep her composure.
One last flurry of smacks, accompanied by yelps. Then silence.
Now to do something about that peeping, I think I have just the answer.
I walk back to cupboard and retrieve two special items, one is a plastic, mechanical timer, shaped like an egg. I wind it up, twist to set it and it begins ticking: it emits a hollow, metallic clink-clink-clink, like two teaspoons jangling together. She gasps as I pull back her panties, slipping the egg timer between her warm rosy cheeks and onto the gusset of her underwear. I position it carefully, against her perineum, and she begins to feel its ticks.
“Stand up.” She gingerly eases herself off the desk.
Now I pick up the second item, a black silk scarf.
“This will stop your urge to peep”, I explain.
I place the scarf over her eyes and wind it three times around her head, before tying it in a bow. Once blindfolded, I take her hand and escort her back into her naughty corner.
“Hands on top of your head again, please. Good.”
“Now young lady, what you feel between your legs is an egg timer. You will feel the passage of every second you spend in the corner. But this time you have no distractions, and no way of peeping, so you may spend your time contemplating your behaviour and your sore bottom.”
I save the surprise until last.
“You shall learn patience, and come to appreciate waiting. Because when the egg timer rings, your bare bottom has an appointment across my knee…”
She gasps a syllable of complaint, but manages to stifle it.
I return to my desk, to admire the view.
What are you thinking, I wonder, as you stand silently in the corner, skirt lifted, bottom glowing, a ticklish ticking against your most sensitive spot? Do the tiny vibrations echo through your body, amplified by your anticipation?
I leave her to wait.



Waiting with anticipation

Girl On Girl Spanking

While I know they are hugely popular, I am not a fan of girl on girl spankings. I recall at parties that whenever a F/F spanking was taking place in a public area, the men were lined up and most attentive. I am sure that’s why so many are made for sale. The pro variety are so contrived, they bore me.

HOWEVER, Secret Spanko has one posted that is HOT to me and is also probably amateur. It could just as well be M/F. Check it out.

The only negative I have would be the warehouse setting used.

Are We Phony Baloney?

A few months back Kaelah included this in a post:
Is Ronnie really a 50+ hospitality professional, happily married and happily spanked by a wonderful husband? And are Bogey and Bacall really a couple of switches from the US?

I did not take Kaelah’s post as really questioning if we are real or not. I think Ronnie is as real as they come. I am pretty sure I would enjoy chatting with her sassy self. Surely her husband can not be as stern and unbending as she makes him out to be. He must have sense of humor to be around her. Doesn’t he Ronnie?

As for us? Only you can decide if we are real.

What Makes Spanking Special

My biggest joy in spanking a woman for the first time is exploring what she wants, what will make it special for her. She bares her soul, perhaps for the first time, telling another human how she wants to be spanked. That deep secret is special to me. For me, it’s like having sex for the first time, but well planned. At some point in the discussion she asks what will make it special for me. That’s the thing with women, they see both sides of a relationship and they want it to work for both. Will this outfit work for you? What about panties? Is being called Daddy OK or would you prefer Uncle? Bless them, they cover all the details. You can call me submissive, but I much prefer to have them tell me what want and do it, rather than telling them how I will do it. There is time for that later.


When asked what I think is the prefect spanking outfit, I always love to see a woman in a short plaid skirt, white underwear, long white socks, a black bra and a white see through blouse. A school girl look mixed with tart wear. I don’t see them as school girls or treat them as such, but I like the combination.

I can still recall the first time we shopped for a fitted white blouse for Bacall. She was so proper then. She was not all that comfortable even wearing it around the house. She warmed up to the look after a little time. Sadly BMI, does not allow for the look any longer.

Bra exposure seems to be popular with the movie stars being photographed at openings. Otherwise, I have not seen many such photographs on the web.


tart wear2

tart wear3


I think the next picture I fliched from Wordsmith. He shares my penchant for long white socks.

Is that a Playboy bunny on her blouse?

I am shocked to see where her left hand is.

What a deplorable setting. Have schools gone down that much?

knee socks

The Twelve Days Have Begun

The twelve days of Christmas have begun in our house.  Many years ago one of our spanking enthusiast friends made us a Santa spoon.   It hangs on the fireplace between our Christmas stockings.  Our tradition begin yesterday with pops from Santa.  We will always remember Bill and miss him as Bogey pops my bottom just as Bill would want.

Santa Spoon newsanta spoon Getting ready for the twelve days I knew I had three pair of red panties, but what to my surprise but to find seven pair.  Poor Bogey only has four pair, plus a pair of silk boxers with Santa going down the chimney which presents such an exciting bottom to paddle.

Now the dilemma – on odd days, I don’t want a cheek feeling neglected.  So we have decided to give each cheek pops, but at what point do you stop double popping – you know 12 on each cheek would be a lot wouldn’t it?  Don’t you agree with me — please???

If you haven’t tried it, we both recommend paddling at Christmas and it should be in a room that is Christmas decorated.  I must go buy a Christmas decoration for our bedroom, since that is sometimes where you end up after a paddling.


After Santa made his rounds, we discussed him. Either we have changed or Santa has become thuddy. We decided that we will use our red paddle this season.

paddles - ours