Male Spanking Fantasies

Today’s assignment is for you to carefully read this well written post at A Voice In The Corner.

I think this community severely lacks men that can write about spanking without delving into punishment, brutality and dysfunction. I can do it verbally with Bacall, but I can not write edgy erotic spanking scenes.

Do men lack the creativity to write erotically about spanking? Are we more concerned with ourselves? Do our fantasies revolve around some form of degradation?

Once in awhile Randy at MBS will describe an inspired original scene he did with Bonnie. [Bonnie, I don’t think you know how rare Randy’s are] Women who are seeking both a relationship and a spanking partner all too often find the men are agreeable to a little spanking, but it’s sex that is paramount.

What say you?

8 thoughts on “Male Spanking Fantasies”

  1. I agree that most of the male writers on the subject get into the whippings and lashings a bit too quickly and fail to keep up any erotic suspense for more than a couple paragraphs. On the other hand some of the female writers can often get the spanking over quickly so that they can spend more time on the affection and coupling. Good writing in this genre is as hard to come by as it is in crime or thrillers or any other topic. It is a subject that is perhaps best handled in short stories rather than novels.

  2. There very definitely are male writers who write spanking erotica. DJ Black certainly is one. I'm also one of them and I do not get hung up on harsh punishment. My stories tend to celebrate the eroticism that results from spanking so the “punishment” aspect in my tales tends to be lighter. There are exceptions. For example, I may need a villain in the story. But a lot of what I write are romances that feature spanking as an important erotic element. My leading men may realize that a spanking is called for, but they always hold back. No cruel or dysfunctional men here.

  3. Good writing is hard to come by. That sums it up.

    But we wish there was more of whatever it is that we like.

    With humor, some sass, good dialog, no beat until blue, and of course sex.


  4. Hi Bogey,

    I don't know the answer to your question. Perhaps it's related to the fact that many women prefer written accounts to a photograph, drawing or video. Consequently, we move quite naturally to that medium and feel comfortable there.

    You mention Randy and he is a very competent writer. I have in the pipeline a new article he “wrote.” Actually, I recorded him talking about spanking and related subjects and I am going to transcribe and edit the results into a post.

    His primary challenge in terms of writing is that he is impatient. He is not inclined to sit down for hours and hone a story. Nor is he fond of the sidebar chatter in which most bloggers engage. I'm hoping that if I can fill some of these gaps, we can have more of his work on the blog. We'll see.


  5. I have to agree with you Bonnie that women are more verbal, while men are more visual.

    That said, my main “complaint” is that when men write it seems to have to involve more beating than spanking. And degradation seems a little too common for our taste.

    I/we are going to come back to this topic again.

  6. It does seem that male written stories often are focused around humiliation and hard sex. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't tend to read that genre. I find it very hard to write any fiction myself though. Real accounts or somewhat elaborate accounts of something that happened come to me easier.

  7. I am talking about the elephant in the room. Spanking is violence to some and stories that include humilation and rough sex do not make us look very good. Yes, I understand that some relish humilation and rough sex.

    Spanko's want a hot bottom, but men seem to be of two minds. One does not want hurt a woman and the other wants black and blue.

    >Real accounts or
    >somewhat elaborate accounts of something that happened come to me easier.
    Yes, yes, yes. Those are the hottest to me. The happenings in Ronnie's and Bonnie's bedrooms are fine examples. Spanking and sex go together in our bedroom.

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