Vehicular Paddlings

I have paddled a few lasses in cars and vans. I am going to ignore those that happened before I attained the age of majority. They are so faded in my memory that any discussion of them now, might be more fiction than fact. Besides, I have blogged about some of them in years past. I find it fun to recall distant events. As the words appear on the screen they bring up more memories.


Deborah loved to be paddled. Tall and slim. She cooed with every lick. We were both late 30’s at the time. Some of our play took place at her place. A dip in her pool and then a paddling on her wet bottom. Sometimes we met for lunch which always included a paddling over my lap with a paddle I kept in the glove box. We usually found a place to park around a city park for privacy. But once with no planning or thought on my part, I paddled her right in front of her office building while people walked passed. Stupid, yes, but we got away with it. She said she wanted to switch, but it never happened.


Rachel was a fine looking lass with a Scotch bloodline. She had a winning smile, a few freckles, pert breasts and a fine bubble bottom.  We enjoyed many lunches in the park. We would pick up something to eat, park, chat and then go into the back of the van for her paddling.

She loved being submissive. You would never guess she was submissive until I said something like “It’s time to tend to you”. Then her whole demeanor changed in a flash. Her head lowered, her eyes closed and she was there.

She sure could take a paddling. She never got enough. She later became a switch with a self proclaimed Dom. That never computed for me. You can be a Dom or a Switch, but not both. I know, I tried.


I can only recall once that I paddled Lauren in the van. She normally came to our place or we went to hers. But, once we were traveling and she met us. We needed a place where the paddle pops would not be heard by our RV neighbors, so we took the van to a tree covered area and got down to business.


2 thoughts on “Vehicular Paddlings”

  1. Very vivid imagery. Feel like I'm peeking through the window. Love the idea of pulling the paddle out of the glove box and the sound of the whacks inside the vehicle. Wondering about what went on in the aftermath of the paddlings. Does the bottom in the photo belong to any of the women you describe?

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