Rub A Butt

We saw this in a local grocery and snapped a picture.





I read some of the comments on comments at MBS this last Sunday. I was surprised that so many bloggers wrote that they comment on comments. I had noticed that this is practiced on a few blogs I read. But, it not universal.  Second surprise, some commenting bloggers get dis-grumbled if their comments are not commented on. Holy Moly!


Folks, I appreciate a comment of substance, a contrary opinion or just a thanks for sharing. That said, I will seldom have anything to add to your comment. I/We pretty much said all we had to say when we wrote the post.


Second, we do not always have access to the Internet. I have scheduled posts sometimes for as long as two weeks, knowing we would be in the dark. So part of the time we are just not able to respond.


Either way, please don’t think we are not appreciative of your support. Perhaps, not all that well mannered at times, but we love ya anyway. And now that we know some folks expect to have their comment commented on, well we will try.

5 thoughts on “Rub A Butt”

  1. I think any time I have written a comment here you have replied to it. I do like to see people replying to my comments, particularly if I wrote something with a question that could warrant a reply.

  2. I will always answer questions, but I am not much on thanking folks who just say they liked the post. I trust that is not bad manners.

    Look forward to your questions.

    BTW, I never go back to see if someone commented on my comment.

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