Foto Fantasy Friday – #2

Double Fetish

You know I like women in attractive lingerie. All sorts of lingerie. Because I am an old guy, the gals I dated when I was a teen wore girdles and hose. I have recounted some my back seat adventures of spanking them in their lingerie, so it’s not at all surprising to me that I retain a fondness for such. Some men of my age have a special interest in girdles and hose. I think this man is one of them.

double hose

She has on hose AND panty hose!

That is a little much for me, but to each their own.



lingerie - hose1

Why not buy your special lady a pair of these?



lingerie - hose2

Here’s a lass who is, thankfully, showing her stocking tops.

I know that a lot of men want to lay across her lap and put their stuff between her legs.

Just enjoy the view.



lingerie - hose3

She is getting you in her viewfinder


Bacall Latest Heart Throb

It was Sean Connery, before I met her, after I met her and until she dies. Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates kept her fingers busy. The way Tom Selleck moved his eye brows and his hairy chest in Magnum PI worked wonders on her disposition.


After enduring several episodes of A Person Of Interest, I asked her what she liked about the show. I should have known. It was eye candy.

Meet the guy that puts a smile on her face, Jim Caviezel. He dispenses with bad guys easily, but doubt the man would be able to go two rounds with Bacall.

Caviezel4 Jim Caviezel 

But can he spank?



For my eyes, this works for me


Foto Fantasy Friday

bug eyes 

Don’t get bug eyed on Foto Fantasy Friday


bottom0905 (Small)

Touching toes, a neglected exercise

A word on censorship

A few times I have uploaded pictures like the one above, but it would be replaced by a cross. I finally guessed that Blogger has software that can recognize the human form and censor the picture if too much is shown. So I resized this image to be much smaller and it passed the censor test. If ever a nude picture could be classed as art, this one would qualify. I mean it. I would be proud to have it hanging as a 3 by 5 foot in the LR. I understand that Bacall might object.


bottom8765 For fans of bubble bottoms only


Have A Great Weekend and Spank Someone You Love

Signs Of The Times


The images in this post have been in my drafts folder for sometime. I note that some/all of them have already made the rounds. But, maybe you missed one or more of them.


So true for us


spank me_2




Vargas – His drawings were always a fav of mine in Playboy


make my day

 When Bacall is feeing feisty


spanking in your future

Our Best Wishes That Yours Comes Real Soon



Oh, I suppose we should also wish you a great bird day.

Male Spanking Fantasies

Today’s assignment is for you to carefully read this well written post at A Voice In The Corner.

I think this community severely lacks men that can write about spanking without delving into punishment, brutality and dysfunction. I can do it verbally with Bacall, but I can not write edgy erotic spanking scenes.

Do men lack the creativity to write erotically about spanking? Are we more concerned with ourselves? Do our fantasies revolve around some form of degradation?

Once in awhile Randy at MBS will describe an inspired original scene he did with Bonnie. [Bonnie, I don’t think you know how rare Randy’s are] Women who are seeking both a relationship and a spanking partner all too often find the men are agreeable to a little spanking, but it’s sex that is paramount.

What say you?

Vehicular Paddlings

I have paddled a few lasses in cars and vans. I am going to ignore those that happened before I attained the age of majority. They are so faded in my memory that any discussion of them now, might be more fiction than fact. Besides, I have blogged about some of them in years past. I find it fun to recall distant events. As the words appear on the screen they bring up more memories.


Deborah loved to be paddled. Tall and slim. She cooed with every lick. We were both late 30’s at the time. Some of our play took place at her place. A dip in her pool and then a paddling on her wet bottom. Sometimes we met for lunch which always included a paddling over my lap with a paddle I kept in the glove box. We usually found a place to park around a city park for privacy. But once with no planning or thought on my part, I paddled her right in front of her office building while people walked passed. Stupid, yes, but we got away with it. She said she wanted to switch, but it never happened.


Rachel was a fine looking lass with a Scotch bloodline. She had a winning smile, a few freckles, pert breasts and a fine bubble bottom.  We enjoyed many lunches in the park. We would pick up something to eat, park, chat and then go into the back of the van for her paddling.

She loved being submissive. You would never guess she was submissive until I said something like “It’s time to tend to you”. Then her whole demeanor changed in a flash. Her head lowered, her eyes closed and she was there.

She sure could take a paddling. She never got enough. She later became a switch with a self proclaimed Dom. That never computed for me. You can be a Dom or a Switch, but not both. I know, I tried.


I can only recall once that I paddled Lauren in the van. She normally came to our place or we went to hers. But, once we were traveling and she met us. We needed a place where the paddle pops would not be heard by our RV neighbors, so we took the van to a tree covered area and got down to business.


Rub A Butt

We saw this in a local grocery and snapped a picture.





I read some of the comments on comments at MBS this last Sunday. I was surprised that so many bloggers wrote that they comment on comments. I had noticed that this is practiced on a few blogs I read. But, it not universal.  Second surprise, some commenting bloggers get dis-grumbled if their comments are not commented on. Holy Moly!


Folks, I appreciate a comment of substance, a contrary opinion or just a thanks for sharing. That said, I will seldom have anything to add to your comment. I/We pretty much said all we had to say when we wrote the post.


Second, we do not always have access to the Internet. I have scheduled posts sometimes for as long as two weeks, knowing we would be in the dark. So part of the time we are just not able to respond.


Either way, please don’t think we are not appreciative of your support. Perhaps, not all that well mannered at times, but we love ya anyway. And now that we know some folks expect to have their comment commented on, well we will try.