Many of our posts are written when a subject appears on another Blog and jogs our memory. I read Erica’s post about being flogged at the recent SL party. We have two custom made floggers. Even used full force, they barely sting. They are designed for a sensual experience. I like to use both together – from neck to ankles.

I asked Bacall to write about one of her group floggings.

What happens when three women in bra and panties lie across a bed?  If they are very lucky, there will be three men with floggers in hand waiting to flog the ladies.  This means that each woman gets to be flogged in three different ways, with three different floggers and the experience of three different men and their styles.  The upshot is that when one man gets tired, then there is another to take his place.  The flogging last much longer!  Let me tell you from personal experience that this is a delicious experience.

Bogey continues:

I can recall a few more group floggings. One in our backyard where the women were tied to the deck support posts one night and flogged by several men. The women watching were eager to join but there were only so many support posts. we should have thought about tagging out as they did at the SL party.

I recall another where Bacall was the only one being flogged in front of many at a party. She had her hands bound and was facing us with a smile that grew wider every so often. After awhile, a gentleman told me the reason for her smile. He had put a remote control vibrator on her and he had the control in his jacket pocket. Naughty Bacall. I would love to share those pictures with you. Such a smile!

6 thoughts on “Flogging”

  1. For me Erica is a constant source of great material. I borrowed a snapshot from her blog for my song parody. I like to think of her as a dear friend.


  2. Flogging is an interesting experience. I have a deerskin flogger. It's beautiful but certainly not meant to inflict damage. More for sensual/massaging type floggings. Very relaxing. It's a shame I paid so much for something that hardly gets used since not many know what to do with it.

  3. I'm absolutely with you, floggings are great and very relaxing (well, that depends on the flogger, rubber specimen are not so relaxing)! 😉

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