F/M Paddling Clips

These are some free female spanks male spanking clips that I enjoyed seeing. Nothing too extreme. You may have already seen them. I am normally late to the party.

She has on a plaid skirt. She paddles hard then, hard and fast with two paddles

She wears a polka dress and paddles fast OTK with a hairbrush

The same polka dot dress with apron. She has him bent over a chair and lays on a school style paddle

And for the really hard core that like it hard and fast with a hairbrush OTK

The last one is way too much for me.

3 thoughts on “F/M Paddling Clips”

  1. Good ones Bogey and Bacall, the last one was definitely for a very naughty boy, I have been spanked like that and can tell you it really gets your attention! Don't want too many of those ;(


  2. Thanks for sharing these videos. They are some of my favorites and 'SpankingTube' is an interesting place to see plenty of spanking related videos. We have even posted a couple videos there.
    Ken and Cora

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