Improbable Spanking

Looking at the pro spanking sites, it seems to me that most female models are spanked by females. I know this is HOT with most men. So I am sure that’s why there is so much of it. Whenever Bacall paddled another women at a party all the men’s eyeballs were riveted to the scene.

I prefer M/F, but the man’s dress and looks are as important to me as it is to women. Maybe more so?

The picture below depicts what to me is an improbable spanking. But, perhaps it could be fun. The spanker appears to be holding two paddles, one for each. Hope no one gets wacked in the head!


in position

While I am going off on pro sites, have you noticed how many spanking pictures have messy backgrounds? Both pro and amateur. This is what I am talking about.

messy bg

Geeze, clean up the room before getting the camera out!

10 thoughts on “Improbable Spanking”

  1. I, too, have noticed this on many spanking sites. Really well-done spankings with attractive participants marred by messy backgrounds can make the whole thing extremely pedestrian. It's a shame…

  2. Equal to the mess in the background is the sound in the room. Not sure why they have to spank with the news blaring in the background or some dreadful “pop” music but that seems to be the norm in too many vids. And while we are at the complaint desk, could you say something about . . . tatoos and piercings and other such bodily distractions? Geez, am I old or what?

  3. I'm absolutely with you about the room, Bogey! If I take a picture or shoot a clip, the first thing I do is making sure that I have a proper, clean background.

  4. Shoot me if you ever see a picture on this Blog of a person with a tat or a piercing. I would not spank a woman with a tat. While I am on a rant, no smokers either. Thanks Hobbes, I feel better.

  5. I notice little things like that too, stuff left out in the background, a wandering pet. It can certainly distract from the scene at hand.

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