Did You Miss Us?

Probably not.

My hard drive passed on last week. I figured maybe no biggie as I did an image backup the week before. Nagging at me for two years was the fact that while I was doing image backups, I had never tested to see if the backup would install the operating system, programs and files if the drive went south. Now I know, it will not. Files, yes, but the operating system an every program must be re-installed. OK, that’s just time-consuming. The email program I have been using since Windoze 3 days keeps all the messages in folders that in the same directory as the program. Since the image backup, did not copy the program, the messages were also lost. And so it goes. Sure, they are all still out there in Gmail, but no way would I attempt to locate the ones I was saving in various “to-do” folders on my hard drive. Lesson learned, I will go back to backing up directory by directory in addition to an image backup.

Also lost were some two dozen drafts of posts for this Blog. So not much text, just some picture posts until I get over this tech hump.

Birds and Bees

We are SO vanilla. While we both love spanking, we both also love penis in vagina sex. It’s always been that way with us. When we were newly weds, we experimented with dozens of positions. But Bacall has always favored two positions, some form of missionary and rear entry. The shy lass can get rather demanding when she is turned on, I want you in me now. Fuck me now, fuck me hard, fuck me fast. Even I can follow such explicit directions. She has always comes quickly and like a cat, when she is done, she is done. [Perfect for me, I can just roll over and snore. Winking smile]

While I am on sex, squirting seems to be rage the last few years. Women say they learn how to do it. But how? I can understand relaxing or tensioning muscles. I have seen it, but not in many women. I am thinking that some women are capable and others are not.  I am not making it with the younger more? sexually knowledgeable women, so asking is possible Anyone who has learned squirting care to comment?



Many of our posts are written when a subject appears on another Blog and jogs our memory. I read Erica’s post about being flogged at the recent SL party. We have two custom made floggers. Even used full force, they barely sting. They are designed for a sensual experience. I like to use both together – from neck to ankles.

I asked Bacall to write about one of her group floggings.

What happens when three women in bra and panties lie across a bed?  If they are very lucky, there will be three men with floggers in hand waiting to flog the ladies.  This means that each woman gets to be flogged in three different ways, with three different floggers and the experience of three different men and their styles.  The upshot is that when one man gets tired, then there is another to take his place.  The flogging last much longer!  Let me tell you from personal experience that this is a delicious experience.

Bogey continues:

I can recall a few more group floggings. One in our backyard where the women were tied to the deck support posts one night and flogged by several men. The women watching were eager to join but there were only so many support posts. we should have thought about tagging out as they did at the SL party.

I recall another where Bacall was the only one being flogged in front of many at a party. She had her hands bound and was facing us with a smile that grew wider every so often. After awhile, a gentleman told me the reason for her smile. He had put a remote control vibrator on her and he had the control in his jacket pocket. Naughty Bacall. I would love to share those pictures with you. Such a smile!

F/M Paddling Clips

These are some free female spanks male spanking clips that I enjoyed seeing. Nothing too extreme. You may have already seen them. I am normally late to the party.

She has on a plaid skirt. She paddles hard then, hard and fast with two paddles

She wears a polka dress and paddles fast OTK with a hairbrush

The same polka dot dress with apron. She has him bent over a chair and lays on a school style paddle

And for the really hard core that like it hard and fast with a hairbrush OTK

The last one is way too much for me.

Improbable Spanking

Looking at the pro spanking sites, it seems to me that most female models are spanked by females. I know this is HOT with most men. So I am sure that’s why there is so much of it. Whenever Bacall paddled another women at a party all the men’s eyeballs were riveted to the scene.

I prefer M/F, but the man’s dress and looks are as important to me as it is to women. Maybe more so?

The picture below depicts what to me is an improbable spanking. But, perhaps it could be fun. The spanker appears to be holding two paddles, one for each. Hope no one gets wacked in the head!


in position

While I am going off on pro sites, have you noticed how many spanking pictures have messy backgrounds? Both pro and amateur. This is what I am talking about.

messy bg

Geeze, clean up the room before getting the camera out!

Turn On’s and Pussy Whips

We do hear much from Bacall on here. She will write when I give her topic. In all our years of marriage, I have gotten one post card and one letter. No, that’s not right, I got the post card before we married. Anywho, I asked her to list a few things that turn her on.

Long gone are the days when I would buy a new outfit, shoes and lingerie (which no one would see!) to go out to dinner for a romantic evening.  The romantic evening would be hugging and kissing only.  That would turn me on, whatever that meant.  Now I don’t need to spend lots of money to be turned out.  Now all that is needed is words, such as “you will get the batten tomorrow”.  That gives me lots of time to anticipate about what is going to happen and it creates excitement.  The following day I am turned on when I wake up knowing how much fun I will have.

Fun is another turn on for me and hope that it is for everyone.  The last two days have found us working in the yard for a couple of hours.  When in the yard, I often swats on my bottom.  Sometimes I will even swat my own bottom.  Bogey hates to see me having to spank myself so he has to help me.

A good example of being turned on is coming home from a pedicure feeling all prissy and seeing a pussy whip on the dresser waiting for me.  I walked back and forth doing normal chores and each time I would go into the bedroom and there was the little whip just waiting for me.  That built up tension, so this afternoon we decided to relieve that tension. What a turn on.

Don’t tell Bogey, but thinking of Sean Connery spanking me is a turn on also In love

Normally, Bacall gets the tap, tap, tap treatment on her most sensitive parts with a batten or cane. There is a time for surprise and a time for steady, stay the course,  if you stop I will pull your balls off  repetition

This morning I was going through our toy bag and found our pussy whip. It’s designed for one purpose. The falls are made of elastic material. It does not hurt. The secret is in the steady continual application. Well, right up to the point where release is imminent. Then you stop for a few seconds before resuming. Winking smile


Sorry no pictures of me using the whip on Bacall. I find photographing skin so it looks right requires more experience with lighting than I have. No picture is better than a poor one.