Tan lines

I thought that at the end of summer we should revisit my long time fascination with tan lines. I think of them as completely nude bra and panties. It does frame the bottom and certainly does invite my attention.

How is your tan line this year?

tan lines3

We were paddling our kayaks on the Pacific Coast recently and I think I saw this lass, but could get my camera out of the dry bag in time.



Oops! How did this one get in here? Wordsmith?

I never had that car or that girl, but maybe in my next life. It sure does bring back some sweet memories. I suppose making out in cars in now passé.

I have paddled a few lasses in cars and vans,  but that is topic for another post.

Have a fun weekend a spank someone or ask for a spanking.

6 thoughts on “Tan lines”

  1. Well, I have to admit I prefer the 'tan line' of the stocking welt in the third picture. Guess my age is showing. But at least I am old enough to have been around when making out in a car was not Passe'. Great times, indeed.

  2. haha… BIKSS loves when I have tan lines too. he's simply fascinated with them. thinks they're sexy.

    speaking of, I should go swim before i lose them.

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