50% Vanilla

I took this quiz and scored as a switch. Big surprise. I am about right down the middle in other categories.

Switch 89%
Submissive 46%
Vanilla 50%
Masochist 57%
Experimental 50%

So I am mostly a switch, with slight preference for taking pain than giving it.

Bacall’s Quiz Score

Switch 54%
Submissive 36%
Vanilla 36%
Masochist 29%

A pretty good match wouldn’t you say? Since my Vanilla score was 50%, does this mean she is kinkier than I am?

The advantage of being a switch, to me, is that I can spend twice as much thinking about spanking.

I can see two sides to some pictures. For instance, I think that this lass either brought the ruler to me to use on her or that she plans to use it on me. I am happy either way and would be down right gleeful if she was a also a switch.


Here is another one that can go either way for me. As my Aunt always said when offered a choice – take both.



The Paddlings Continue

We don’t write about all of our play sessions, but they remain frequent enough for us. A trend we wrote about a few months back continues. Bacall often wants more and harder licks and I want fewer and lighter licks. We are having a little difficulty adjusting. I don’t want to overload her, so I have to pay closer attention to her to make sure she really wants more. And yes, I ask and she replies.

I find it humorous when she says something like You can give me another 10 with the pine paddle on the bare. And then the shock of her own words make her say Did I say that?

OTOH, she is so accustomed to going all out on me, I have to speak up and say something before she overloads me.

Tan lines

I thought that at the end of summer we should revisit my long time fascination with tan lines. I think of them as completely nude bra and panties. It does frame the bottom and certainly does invite my attention.

How is your tan line this year?

tan lines3

We were paddling our kayaks on the Pacific Coast recently and I think I saw this lass, but could get my camera out of the dry bag in time.



Oops! How did this one get in here? Wordsmith?

I never had that car or that girl, but maybe in my next life. It sure does bring back some sweet memories. I suppose making out in cars in now passé.

I have paddled a few lasses in cars and vans,  but that is topic for another post.

Have a fun weekend a spank someone or ask for a spanking.

Men In Panties

I was in dream when I woke up this morning. I saw myself in panties getting paddled. I have not donned panties but maybe twice all year. So my dream was both unexpected and fresh. 

After breakfast, I slipped on a thin pair of beige panties and a t-shirt and and walked passed Bacall. She remarked someone here wants a paddling. Smart girl!

I was soon bent over the bed and she was swinging what she calls the pretty oak paddle. She is always intent on making each lick sound right, resonate off the walls. She was as pleased with her efforts as I was. Nothing like starting the day with a warm bottom. She then relieved some tension that she had created.

A Venus and Mars Deal

How do I say this? I have never seen this discussed. Not trying to put down anyone. I just want to talk about some differences I see.

I have long said that after two people agree that they both like spanking, that’s pretty much the end of complete agreement. There are just so many branches that can be taken.

The theme of many spanking Blogs by women authors is DD, HOH, etc. The male is the leader in the relationship. When the woman is spanked, forgiveness and romance follow.

This is less true of spanking Blogs where the woman is leader of the relationship. For many, but not all, of these blogs, it seems that the woman does one or more of the following, withholds sexual gratification from the male, keeps him locked in a chastity cage, requires him to use his tongue on her, has sex with another man while he watches, etc. all with the complete agreement of the man.

Honey, I need to be locked in a chastity cage for weeks at a time and then have a ruined orgasm.

We don’t get it. I suppose we don’t get it since we don’t have a submissive bone in our body. Women who desire to be submissive and disciplined, do not want to forego sex. While some men who want to be submissive and disciplined want to give up traditional sex.

I just can not imagine a woman who would say something like this. While I get femdom, to a point, I just can not imagine wanting to forego traditional sex.


Have you noticed the plethora of pictures of women that are captioned with improbable things?

Just saying there is world of difference between how some submissive males and submissive women mix spanking and sex. A Venus and Mars deal.

How do you see this?

Short Plaid Skirts–#37

Here we go again. There seems to be no end to them. I wonder how many are sold each year? I recall one Bacall had. Bought it in Nova Scotia. Fine British Wool. So soft. It felt so good I could not keep my hands off of her.

short plaid skirt2

Traditional, pig tails, white socks and a decent paddle

short plaid skirt1

Rut Row! Bacall has been known to enjoy a cane tapping her right about there.

short plaid blouse

How did this get in here? Oh well, her legs are long and her blouse is plaid.

Pain And Submission–Redux

Last month I tried to put down my thoughts about pain and submission. I give myself a C for effort. My points did not come across. We remain amazed that some endure pain only to be submissive.

An anonymous wrote: It’s not really a spanking if the spankee decides when to stop. That decision should be left up to the spanker, IMO.

That is not even remotely close to the theme of this Blog. We are only into consensual spanking. The spanking stops when we want it to stop. If it stops before we are ready, we ask for me. Real simple to us.

Hermione wrote:
I have to echo what Lea said. I also enjoy being pushed to my limits, and submitting is part of the enjoyment of spanking for me. I know I am not going to be treated brutally, and have every confidence in my loving partner to judge when I have had enough. To each his/her own, as always.

That’s fair. We sometimes like our our limits pushed. The difference is that we let each other know when that is on our mind. I suppose that some people are mind readers. We don’t have that ability. I also suppose that some spankers can read the bottom and know when they have had enough. I fail at that more than not and always on the easy side Bacall will sometimes back off, when she needs to stay the course. Hence we have learned to express ourselves.

We talk to each other, verbally and non-verbally to get the spanking we want. Yeah, I know that is not something a submissive could do. Think of Erica, could you say she is a submissive? Does she get the spanking she wants? I am just saying that old fashioned conversation about needs is perfectly alright in between spanking partners.

As I said before, submission is intoxicating. It’s just not something that we can completely do. We are both take charge types