Short Plaid Skirts – #36

Well, I hope it never ends. There should be a Short Plaid Skirt Day, like No Pants Day.

Three more lasses.

short plaid skirt1

I have posted this lass before, but she has such a nice smile and is so good natured to show off her white panties and knee socks, it’s worth another look.

short plaid skirt3

The paddling I would have liked to seen in high school or give right now.

short plaid skirt79

On her toes, enjoying the experience.

I sometimes modify a few pixels in the pictures I post just to track where they wind up. There is one Blog, a very popular one, that would not have many pictures if it were not for OBB. The pictures that belong to us, I put a water mark on. The rest, you are quite welcome to use.

I think you could see every spanked bottom picture by joining one Tumblr site that re-blogs pictures and just wait for them to come around.

Speaking of every spanked bottom picture, last week I saw one of a lass we know that we did not know was into spanking. Have you ever stumbled across a picture of someone you know?


4 thoughts on “Short Plaid Skirts – #36”

  1. Darn… wouldn't you know it?

    Short Plaid Skirts Day and my kilt is at the dry cleaners. I have a pair of plaid boxers though, would those do???

  2. Yes, I love the middle photo, it's timeless. Mother and little ol' me ! Oh dear. I was most definitely the “little dear with the bear behind” getting smacked by my mom. The stern message of the paddle always got through loud and clear with my tender botty always bare ! perfect attitude adjustment of old. But I'm sure the world was in black and white back in the 60s and 70s ? And red of course 🙂 … Brenda x

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