Lingerie – III

I continue with my lingerie fetish. Today, three lasses in garter belts. Us old guys never tire of seeing them.

Lingerie - garterbelt 50

I recall the last garter belt I saw in the wild. Panty hose were being adopted, but there were still some hold-outs – Bless Them. It was in the company lunchroom when she carelessly crossed her legs while un-wrapping her sandwich. I was treated to a seemly long look of her stocking tops and thighs.

Lingerie - garterbelt 51

Pink and black for a change up

Lingerie - garterbelt 52

At one of the first spanking parties we attended, the girls all wore black garterbelts. My eyeballs were sore before the evening ended.

6 thoughts on “Lingerie – III”

  1. I learned after recently purchasing a garter belt and stocking set, that it's nearly impossible to snap the back ones into place by yourself and they are not made for very tall women. But for the ones who fit into them well, it's a sexy look.

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