Short Plaid Skirts – #36

Well, I hope it never ends. There should be a Short Plaid Skirt Day, like No Pants Day.

Three more lasses.

short plaid skirt1

I have posted this lass before, but she has such a nice smile and is so good natured to show off her white panties and knee socks, it’s worth another look.

short plaid skirt3

The paddling I would have liked to seen in high school or give right now.

short plaid skirt79

On her toes, enjoying the experience.

I sometimes modify a few pixels in the pictures I post just to track where they wind up. There is one Blog, a very popular one, that would not have many pictures if it were not for OBB. The pictures that belong to us, I put a water mark on. The rest, you are quite welcome to use.

I think you could see every spanked bottom picture by joining one Tumblr site that re-blogs pictures and just wait for them to come around.

Speaking of every spanked bottom picture, last week I saw one of a lass we know that we did not know was into spanking. Have you ever stumbled across a picture of someone you know?


Dana Kane

Yes, she is a pro. No, I have not met her and do not plan to meet her. I have watched some of her free clips and I think she is the type of woman that I would enjoy playing with.


She is always attractively dressed, non of that plastic attire. No snarling looks. And she has a sense of humor.

Lingerie – IV

I just can not leave this theme without sharing a some pictures of filly panties that are entirely suitable to wear for a spanking. Guys, imagine how boring it would be if the girls wore undies like tighty whities!


Panties often have a hidden meaning. For instance, Bacall has some polka dot panties that scream you need to paddle me hard today. It took me a little time to get the translation right.

Do you have panties that have a secret meaning?


What do you suppose these panties are saying?


I have always like the boy cut. No need to rush to take them off. Bacall likes to be spanked in panties, even when they provide no protection.

panties - striped

How about striped?

Would cane stripes be appropriate here?

Lingerie – III

I continue with my lingerie fetish. Today, three lasses in garter belts. Us old guys never tire of seeing them.

Lingerie - garterbelt 50

I recall the last garter belt I saw in the wild. Panty hose were being adopted, but there were still some hold-outs – Bless Them. It was in the company lunchroom when she carelessly crossed her legs while un-wrapping her sandwich. I was treated to a seemly long look of her stocking tops and thighs.

Lingerie - garterbelt 51

Pink and black for a change up

Lingerie - garterbelt 52

At one of the first spanking parties we attended, the girls all wore black garterbelts. My eyeballs were sore before the evening ended.


I have seen three posts on switching recently. Erica started it off when she wrote about the unlikely need for tops to bottom, and vice versa, to understand the dynamics. I agree. You should enjoy and relish the position. That’s the only reason to assume either position.

I love both positions. I am drawn equally to both. I am turned on by both. I do not want to be dominated. And beyond what I term bedroom submission, I don’t want to dominate anyone. As for anyone dominating Bacall, well be in good shape and bring a lunch and she might go a few rounds with you before sending you packing.

I want my spanker to be happy and spirited. I want her to smile and swing the paddle with gusto. When I suck in my breath after a paddle lick, she might remark Oh that was a good one wasn’t it? Many women enjoy teasing a man to pleasure with their mouth and palms. I like the same kind of talent and energy from a paddler.

Most of the women I have encountered look down on male switches, since the way they think, they can not bottom and still be manly. Well, I was never as broad chested as John Wayne or Robert Mitchum, but I am as tall, with a low voice that can chill ice water and piercing brown eyes. In short, I look the part and I can be a dom with the best of them – when I want to.

[I used actors that well known to my generation, rather than wimps like Justin Bieber who seem to the rage of the current generation. Both men could look menacing, but were always gentlemen. Put it this way, back a 35 yo Wayne in a corner and if you were male, expect your lights to go out and if female a spanking]

In the last few years Bacall has become completely comfortable with both of us getting paddled during the same session. We both get turned on giving and receiving.

I have written before that at parties I hid my desire to be paddled since most women avoid bottoming with male switches so they will not be asked to reciprocate. It’s verboten.  I tired of the masquerade. I was not getting what I wanted and I quit the parties.

Kaelah wrote that she prefers to play with switches. Well, I would too. The facts are that there are many male switches and precious few female switches. Enjoy Kaelah.

You might think that since Bacall switches we might encounter other compatible couples. That has not been the case. Usually we have found that the man much prefers to bottom and be dominated. Not our cup of tea.

Of course, finding a women who relishes wielding a paddle is difficult and most that try have no clue how to paddle. They may say that they are experienced, but I have stopped more than one session because the woman was careless in her aim. Being hit on the side is no fun.

Switches can not be all bad. Erica’s long time lover is a switch. She does not top him, but she loves him. Her current spanker is also a switch who she gives high marks to as both a skilled spanker and as a caring, compassionate person. I always thought the latter traits led to the former.

There was a third post about switching posted to I Am A Secret Spanko. I read it and bookmarked it to go back to. When I returned I found it is now an Invited Only Blog. I know of no way to get invited. And so it goes.

To women that are unsure. Want a back rub? Give one.

Spanking and Sex

A reader writes:

I believe that, at least for those of us for whom spanking is part of our sexual makeup, that both spanking and sex has ebbed a bit from my hormonal youth. While spanking is still a turn on and huge part of my sexual identity, it’s not as “all-consuming” as it was when I was younger. Oh, I still think about it multiple times every day, daydream about getting or giving one, surf the spanking blogs for amusement, etc…. but there are some things that aren’t what they used to be.

For instance, Ms. Bacall said she felt a “twitch” right? I took that meaning as she felt that little spark of sexual energy or arousal we spanko’s feel that usually leads to activities resulting in a red bottom and the appearance of the beast with two backs! It’s the same for non-spanko’s I would imagine except they don’t crave the red bottom before the beast appears.

So what about that “twitch”? I think as we get older it dissipates a little, the normal ebb of sexual energy as we age. Men usually see their testosterone levels drop as they get older… meaning the twitch probably isn’t the same or as urgent as when we were 16 and life was basically one hard-on after another right? Where’s your twitch located? Mine has always felt like it was deep in my bottom… somewhere near the prostrate, just below the base of Mt. Tallywhacker. I don’t mean to be too graphic but what I’m saying is that the electric sex tingle for me (and I’d be curious about others of course) has always been associated with my bottom as it was my penis.

Why is this significant? Is it a spanko thing or do other men feel the same way? Well for me it matters because that tingle has always been the ingredient that turned the pain of a hairbrush or paddle swat into sexual energy. Does that make any sense? Spanking doesn’t just transform it… it magnifies it when it’s good, especially when sub-space is reached. When it’s diminished, then the pain stays more pain like than pleasure… not good. You mentioned how you’ve noticed your tolerances have changed… less able to handle the hard swats or number of swats you used to like. Perhaps this is related, you think?

I used to want to photo or video all of my spankings… that voyeuristic urge was strong. Now? Not so much. I still enjoy watching of course but the fascination I have with seeing myself spanked isn’t quite what it was. Am I just a little jaded because I’ve “been there – done that”? Or is it more related to that slight decline in sexual energy because I’m in my 50’s now?

Perhaps it would make a good question for your blog if others have noted the relationship between their sex drive… and their spanking activities, or lack thereof?

There is plenty of meat here to comment on. Have at it.

Short Plaid Skirts – #35

This has been a long running theme here. 35 posts, if the labels in the left margin are correctly coded.

I wonder how many plaid skirts are bought each year?

short plaid skirt - wob

For those who like white socks. Bacall does.

short plaid skirt 44

There sure a lot spankings that take place in the kitchen judging by the pictures on the web.

short plaid skirt

Ah, the traditional school room paddling. The one I wanted to see was Becky in the seventh grade bent over like this.

Pain and Submission

We read the responses to a MBS Brunch on self talk when taking a spanking. That was something new to us. We don’t talk to ourselves. Each other, yes. As in, you hit me there one more time and….., or harder please, or not so hard please.

We don’t endure spankings. We enjoy them. We ask for spankings just like we want them. There is no submissive dynamic going on. Well, damn little anyway.

These are a few of the comments we read that showed how different our spankings are to the way others experience them.

When I am spanked, I focus on each stroke and repeat “You can take one more.” Using that phrase gets me through most hard spankings.

We often want more and we may ask for it. And if we are done before the spanker thinks we are done, we speak up and end it.

…if I am receiving 24 strokes of the cane and I have taken 18 knowing that I have only 25% left helps me endure the remainder.

No enduring here. If we ask for 24, we look forward to each one. If not, we end it.

And from a reader here:

I think she uses both hands but don’t like to ask. I did mention once that “your supposed to be spanking my bottom not burying a nail” but I wished I hadn’t.

We understand the concept of submission. It can be very attractive and even intoxicating. But, we just can not see letting go of mutual consent. We want it like we want it and will not settle for less.