Paddled To A Polka

From the title you can see that Bogey and I are weird – we like polka’s, (and accordions).  I have been feeling really sassy the last two days.  Yesterday there were too many chores to do, so I could just be sassy and feel immune from the paddle.  We were sitting outside and Bogey brings out the batten knowing that I can’t help but focus on it.  He put it on the table and I look at it and I look at the bushes next to me and think what a wonderful place for the batten.  Finally I tell him what I am thinking of doing, but am not giving in to those thoughts.  You would think that he would be so proud of me being such a good girl.

Of course, Bogey never forgets sassiness.  Still feeling sassy this morning, I continue having fun until my fun time is over.  He pulls out my paddle and I look at it and tell him I’m not scared of that little paddle.  Now this is the time that he should sympathize with me for completely losing my mind, especially when I take the paddle and put it in the trash can.

paddle - hers

Paddle to the Trash

I digress here for a moment.  We went to Oregon several years where Myrtlewood trees grow.  The grain of the wood is beautiful so while we were shopping, we picked up a small cheese board with a handle, knowing full well it would never be used as a cheese board.  How anything that beautiful can sting so much is amazing.

paddles - myrtlewood

The Myrtlewood Terror

Back to the present – Bogey pulls out the Myrtlewood paddle and give me a dozen or hard swats with it.  Wow it stung and I can still feel it at this moment!  At that point, sanity returns and I get the paddle out of the trash can (which was empty by the way).

KSQM is playing a very peppy polka and I am on my knees, so I am moving my bottom to the music.  Suddenly I realize that the paddling has stopped.  That’s not a good sign.  So I stop keeping time to the music and get a few more pops.  But the music is so peppy, what can I do but start moving my bottom again.  Uh oh, I’m in trouble again!  I just don’t know why I keep asking for trouble.  Then the batten comes out and I get it between my legs.  Now I am moving to a different tune. 

After all is said and done, is the sassiness gone – who knows.  Stay tuned in the next few days and find out.

PS: I had showed her Erica’s recent post the day before this. Bacall remarked that she and Erica would get in trouble together.

Unlike Erica, she apologized to her paddle for placing it in the trash can. It did take more than a few more pops for the paddle to accept that it was a sincere apology.

4 thoughts on “Paddled To A Polka”

  1. (laughing) Happy to have had an influence of sorts. Polkas are hilarious! Anyone of our generation who grew up with Lawrence Welk in the house is familiar with them. I particularly like Weird Al Yankovic's polka version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

  2. What a great, playful couple you two are. And Cora loves to spank me with music playing, although probably not a polka.

    But then there is our local 'hereo' Stan Boreson. He was the reason my first instrument was an accordian.

    And 'KSQM'? On line?

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