Presenting Your Bottom

It’s no secret that OTK is the favorite spanking position for both tops and bottoms. Regular readers know that it’s my least favorite position when I am on the bottom. However, it’s rates high with Bacall when she is topping.

We both find it to be self-satisfying to present our bottoms in best position for the paddle. Bacall likes to be on her knees on a low couch so she can rest her arms on the back of the couch. She arches her back and pushes her bottom back in prefect position to receive the paddle.


OTOH, some like to be told to assume the position and they take a lot of commands before they finally are in position. I suppose that the slow submission could be part of the thrill for them, just as much as Bacall likes to present her bottom perfectly to start with.

I am like Bacall in that I find it erotic to bare myself and bend over, arch my back, stick it out and try to hold position after each lick. But, sometimes, she gets me wiggling around.






6 thoughts on “Presenting Your Bottom”

  1. I felt extremely submissive (which is good, from my point of view) when I was bent over Daddy's desk at his office yesterday, even though I wasn't getting spanked, if you know what I mean;).

    But, for spanking, I adore being over Daddy's lap with him spanking me with his hand!


  2. Hi
    OTK is good for intimacy with a hand spanking or hairbrush.
    To receive the paddle I enjoy the hands on seat of a chair, legs straight, position; for the cane touching toes classic style and for the strap,lying horizontal on the bed or along blanket chest. I am not often asked for a preference.

    Touching toes for the cane presents the bottom best and minimizes the chances of the cane hitting the lower back. It also maximizes the chance of the cane landing on that lovely area from dead centre to the tops of the legs.

    You have probably already come across the helpful guide
    years ago.

    I would love an afternoon with her or someone like her, experimenting with the positions and instruments. hey ho.

  3. So much of the appeal and buzz you get in submitting is the ritual and the mental game of it. I share the same point of view, Bogey, that it's not about punishment. Not into that at all. It's all about stimulation, and the mental kink of it.
    I like being commanded to assume various positions — bending over, kneeling or OTK. Wish my wife was more into playing the role. Unfortunately I end up fantasizing about it more than acting it out.Maybe it's just as well, because I always think I'm goign to enjoy the paddle, but find that I can't take all that much of it.

  4. Those pictures remind me of school and growing up in the 50's. I always loved it when a macho guy had to go up in front of the class and bend over and have a lady teacher give him a few swats with the paddle. Of course it was never on the bare, though that might have made it even more effective…. hehe.


  5. I guess I love all positions when Cora is spanking me. OTK is intimate and perfect for a shorter implement like a hairbrush or just her hand.

    However, grade school was probably the origins of my interests in spanking and it was classic procedure of the teacher (all female in my case) to instruct a naughty student (all boys as I remember) to 'bend over and grab your ankles' after which she delivered a number of swats with her paddle. I love to be in that position, too and its the best one for some of our bigger paddles.

    As usual, great, thought-provoking post.

  6. Hi,we have a high -stool which I have to bend over I have had to make her a few paddles over the years.I think she uses both hands but don`t like to ask.I did mention once that”your supposed to be spanking my bottom not burying a nail” but I wished I hadn`t.

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