So When Is It Spanking Time?

A regular reader writes:

…for me, the optimal bottom spanking time is mid-morning between about 10 to 11. That is prime time for me. There was a time, when anytime was fine. Then, it became anytime, before late afternoon. Now, before lunch. hmmm.. just like sex drive. I wonder?

For those of you that find spanking and sex intrinsically linked, is there a best time for you? Has it changed with age?

2 thoughts on “So When Is It Spanking Time?”

  1. Hard question 🙂

    For my I like to spank in the morning, lots of energy, but also we love to play before going to sleep. After a good spanking (and often making love in this) there is a very cosy falling asleep together..

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee

  2. I all happens for me in the morning any more. Use to be in the late afternoon or at night, but not any more, spanking time, love making time is much better in the morning now that I am over the hill ;(


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