Dressing Up For Spanking

I read the comments to the post on dressing up and noted Ms. Bacall wants tuxes and “tails”….
I was thinking that for couples, wouldn’t that be great way to enjoy a little spanking FUN? Plan a night out on the town, dressed to the nines, knowing there will be a red behind (or two) when you get home. Do something fancy like going to a play or symphony, nice dinner, etc…..

Thought of a name…. “Putting on the Ritz ‘Til We Can’t Sit….” Night.  
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3 thoughts on “Dressing Up For Spanking”

  1. If you want to issue a call for stories for “Putting on the Ritz, till you can't sit” night I am sure you would get a response.

    There are any number of Ritz-Carlton's world wide, as well as the Ritz London, so your readers should be able to find a suitable location for their imagined story.

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