The Sound of the Paddle

Bacall and I love to hear the crack of the paddle on ourselves and on each other. That sweet sound when contact is made square to the target. If we fail to get that sweet sound, that lick is taken over.

This is From The Spank Shop and describes it in a memorable way.

We have five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They complement each other and one sense can add to what another experiences. For example: the smell of baking bread, brewing coffee or sizzling bacon often sharpens our sense of taste and makes a meal more enjoyable. Spanking is much the same. The sound of a paddle striking home or the meaty slap of hand on bottom often intensifies and adds to the feel of being spanked.

If either of us clenches, usually me, we wait for the bottom to relax, so that sweet sound is achieved.

If you an aficionado of the crack of the paddle try it sometimes in a hard room, like the bath.

Bottoms Up!


5 thoughts on “The Sound of the Paddle”

  1. Lovely picture. We have a wooden floor in our hallway and the sound of the paddle reverberates well when I am bent over the chair.
    Have a good week.

  2. Like you I love the delicious sound of a paddle or hand smacking down on bare flesh, whether I'm giving a spanking or getting a spanking. If the bottom is clenched then the sound and effectiveness of the swat is not nearly as good. One of the things I insist on is to relax (unclench) the bottom before the spanking will continue, which is a good exercise in self control, at least for some. Love the picture 🙂


  3. Hi Bogey and Bacall,

    Thanks for the invitation to write you, I could not find an email for you or I would have written. From all I have read we do have much in common, if you send me your email, I will write privately. My email is


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