A Very Short Fantasy

I have been turning this fantasy over in my wee male brain the last few weeks. It has some things in it that have happened, most are pure invention of my mind while dropping off to sleep.

At a party, I take a seat next to an attractive woman that is dressed in a beige business outfit. A tight knee length skirt, fitted white blouse with an open jacket. Her hair cut certainly cost more than $75 and her makeup is impeccable. I am wondering why the chair next to her was vacant. 

We exchange the necessary pleasantries and then she tells me what wearing under her outer clothes. Half-slip, panty girdle, thong, and a bra makes her breasts jut out. The latter is evident. I switch and if I am getting spanked I decide if it’s over the girdle or the man takes the girdle down. I am still deciding about you. If I am spanking, the girdle stays on.

The dream has not gone farther as by this time I am asleep.

So When Is It Spanking Time?

A regular reader writes:

…for me, the optimal bottom spanking time is mid-morning between about 10 to 11. That is prime time for me. There was a time, when anytime was fine. Then, it became anytime, before late afternoon. Now, before lunch. hmmm.. just like sex drive. I wonder?

For those of you that find spanking and sex intrinsically linked, is there a best time for you? Has it changed with age?

Dressing Up For Spanking

I read the comments to the post on dressing up and noted Ms. Bacall wants tuxes and “tails”….
I was thinking that for couples, wouldn’t that be great way to enjoy a little spanking FUN? Plan a night out on the town, dressed to the nines, knowing there will be a red behind (or two) when you get home. Do something fancy like going to a play or symphony, nice dinner, etc…..

Thought of a name…. “Putting on the Ritz ‘Til We Can’t Sit….” Night.  
  lingerie7lingerie - corset

That Twitch

In a recent post, I used Bacall’s term for a physical sensation she gets. Some readers asked about it, so I asked Bacall to define her term.

Bogey asked me to define twitch.  So here is the definition from the dictionary.
Verb: Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
Noun: A short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
Now I will move on to my definition which includes some part of the above.  Bogey will tell me he is going to use the batten on my thighs a day in advance of the event. That means that the inner thighs are going to get the batten. As soon as it is mentioned, I get a twitch in that area – it is a sudden jerky movement that is very pleasurable. This comes and goes all day bringing a smile to my face.  By the next morning I am ready for the batten. I know that it might sound painful to some and it can be. But at the right spots, the sting goes directly to the area that brings a lot of pleasure. By the time Bogey has finished, I am more than ready for the strong orgasm this always brings.

While our batten once had a life of stiffening a sail. You can get something like it here.

The Sound of the Paddle

Bacall and I love to hear the crack of the paddle on ourselves and on each other. That sweet sound when contact is made square to the target. If we fail to get that sweet sound, that lick is taken over.

This is From The Spank Shop and describes it in a memorable way.

We have five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They complement each other and one sense can add to what another experiences. For example: the smell of baking bread, brewing coffee or sizzling bacon often sharpens our sense of taste and makes a meal more enjoyable. Spanking is much the same. The sound of a paddle striking home or the meaty slap of hand on bottom often intensifies and adds to the feel of being spanked.

If either of us clenches, usually me, we wait for the bottom to relax, so that sweet sound is achieved.

If you an aficionado of the crack of the paddle try it sometimes in a hard room, like the bath.

Bottoms Up!