A Thoroughly Sore Bottom

I once had a “niece” who needed to be paddled. The “niece” had a cast iron bottom and getting her to say “uncle” was highly difficult.

I discovered that if I paddled her hard before bed and then again in the morning, results were more forthcoming. She got what she needed and I got the immense satisfaction of giving it to her. The climax was to take her for a car ride. Bacall and I would be in the front and “niecey” in the back seat that had much less padding.


What happened to the regular Monday morning post? We have been “off the grid” for eight days. We had uploaded all of last week’s post before we went into the canyon. We will have Internet for awhile and then we may go poof for awhile.

Having fun. Hope you are also.

Top Or Bottom?

top or bottom

Is she about to spank or be spanked? I know the answer. I was there. What do you say?

top or bottom2

If you missed the first one, try this one.

I know women like to dress up to be spanked. I know our male readers like to have their spankers dressed. So why in all the home spanking clips I have seen are the men and women dressed like they are going to the gym? Are Bacall and Cora (of Ken and Cora) the only women to dress up to give a paddling?

Hello? Anyone out there?

Spanking Magazines

Those of us of a certain age might have paid visits to adult book stores seeking spanking magazines. Most were of poor quality and all fiction. We have come a long way since then, but we still don’t see magazines like the ones below in the supermarket checkout aisle.

fun spank magazine

These two covers I made using a web based tool way back in 2002.

fun modern spanking cover 2

fun modern spanking cover

Or maybe a novel?


Hello? Anyone out there?