Degradation, I Get That

Much appreciation for those that took the time to comment on the recent post Six Things I Don’t Get.

I was not asking for agreement or dis-agreement with the six things. I was asking for your help in making it somewhat clearer to me.

Reading your responses and reflecting, I now think that several of the items are nothing more than forms of degradation. Yes, they are not my kink, but I don’t think degradation should be anyone’s kink. That’s a judgment and it’s mine. If you don’t agree with me, fine. Go beat a puppy.

1) Trying to extract tears from inflicting pain alone shows you are nothing but a sadist with no regard for human emotion.

2) The male desire to see marked bottoms. As I said marking can happen and is has little to do with intensity. But, if marking is what’s all important to you, then you are a sadist. Please leave the room.

3) Pass

4 and 5) Cum on women. The following explains it for me.

On a Tumbler site, showing a picture of woman with a facial, here are the owner’s own words:

I’m a happily married Swedish male in my mid-40th. [sic] Living in an evolving D/s-S&M-relationship where we both explore the depth and width of our kinks and our lust.

I find degraded, caned, whipped, crying, humiliated, bound, helpless and dominated women highly erotic. Add a moment where the camera has caught a glimpse of reality in tears or fear and I’m in seventh heaven, or give me a picture where the victim has lost all her dignity and knows it.

[PS, He teaches HS. Exactly the sort we need around children]

It ties in with 1 and 2 also.

6) The male slave thing and the desire to have sexual pleasure withheld.  I will never get it. Pass

OK, I will take a hiatus from serious posts and return to fluff and pictures.

The Age of Indiscretion

Another serious post

I have written about people engaging in sex acts or showing their sex parts with their faces for the web cam. It does not end there. Athletes, celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats, reality TV, You Tubers, no doubt co-workers and now even Secret Service agents. We’re all in.

Well not quite, most of spanking enthusiast still prefer anonymity. Frankly I would rather tell my family that I like spanking a lot more than for them to see my wiener on Facebook. [FYI, I do not have a social media presence]

Discretion, before its recent death, had many allies—judgment, common sense, prudence, reticence and the two better selfs, self-control and self-discipline.

I fear we are headed down the sewer.

On Submission

Bonnie’s recent brunch question was:

Do you find it necessary to reconcile feminism with your interest in being spanked? Why or why not? If so, how do you accommodate both?

We thought the answers were good, especially Kitty’s.

We thought there were two corollary points.

1) Some submissive women play “bossy”. They feel they must adopt this face to survive in the biz world.

We see no conflict with being a feminist and being a bedroom submissive. [We are not talking about militant, man-hating women]

2) What about men that like to be spanked. Do they give up their masculinity being spanked by a woman?

There Is All Sorts of Spanking

Being elitist, we eliminate some Blogs from our little world just by the words in the title. Words such as DD, Daddy, Little Girl, Discipline, HOH and others those with words that denote some form of humiliation clue us that the content is not for us. We wish them all the best, but the subject is wasted on us. We don’t like sprinkles on our ice cream either.

This works the other way around too, as I am sure that many make tracks from this Blog when they read that we paddle each other and that there is no domination or discipline between us. We are far from the mainstream. We enjoy what we have and we wish the best for those who enjoy other ways.

Other Ways

My first Sex Ed on the web was the accidental discovery that some folks get off wearing wet jeans and/or seeing others in wet jeans. I have always felt “icky” in wet jeans. It seems there is no limit to what humans find sexy.

Awhile back I, Bacall was not involved, wrote about pegging which I have learned is quite popular. Anal eroticism seems to be closely connected to spanking. Enema’s are also in the mix. Interesting to me, is that pegging and enema’s can be viewed by some as punitive and by others for pleasure – just like spanking.

Farther afield is cuckolding. From a spanking blog I found a link to All Mine which has more followers than MBS. Spanking is a small part of what is discussed there. Sexual denial is desired by more men than I guessed. I would guessed only three men in the world had such interest.

A femdom wrote: “I think it’s wonderful they’re [men] so easy to understand and keep happy. They need to be loved, fed and disciplined. That’s really all there is to it.”

I am on board with loving and feeding, but I would substitute a lovely warmed bottom for discipline.

Find Your Kink



Two on one is a fav of mine. I never tire of the imagination and resourcefulness of women. I wish I had some pictures from some of those play sessions.


Here is a greatly edited vignette that I stole from some other blog. I would give credit, but I failed to record the source.

After we both paddled his bottom until it was hot to the touch, I stood to his side, put some lube on his cock, and stroked him.  She was sitting in front of us, her skirt hiked high so her hose tops were visible, legs crossed provocatively, looking interested in the proceedings and laughing a little bit as I jerked him off. As he got closer and closer, she leaned forward and grasped his balls, which put her cleavage even more on display in her bustier. I had one hand on his ass, with my finger straying into his crack, while I was rubbing him with the other. As I was doing this to him I looked into his eyes and saw he was transfixed looking at her. She squeezed her breasts. I slid my middle finger up his bum hole and jerked him firmly. It was all too much for him, he moaned, and shot his load. She laughed heartily and literally applauded his climax!

Six Things I Don’t Get

First, I know that my serious posts don’t attract much attention. But, I do want this Blog to be more than pictures of men and women being paddled.

Second, I understand this is not a great forum for such questions, but I don’t know of a better one.

So here goes and if you have an answer or opinion to any of these questions, please ring in.

1) Many that enjoy a bottom warming, like the cathartic release that crying can give. Why do so many men think that force is the way to tears?

2) What is the fascination with marked bottoms? My preference is to not to see marks that will last for more than a few hours. I like a fresh canvas for the next paddling. My experience is that most do not mark even with a rather long and hard paddling. I also know that some will mark from a single lick and the marks may last for over a week. I know that women like to look at their marks and are sorry to see them fade. So to my question, what is it with men who get off on marks?

3) I see more female faces in home spanking movies than males. Why is that?

4) I don’t get the money shot. A staple of porn films has always been withdrawal and then to masturbate so the cum falls on the woman. That is exactly the time when withdrawal is the farthest thing from mine and Bacall’s mind. What is the attraction to seeing this?

5) I don’t understand facials. Why do men want to do this? There has to be some level of imagined humiliation in it. Why do I see pictures of women smiling with cum on their faces in their hair, etc. Yes, it’s only protein. Any women want to take a crack at enlightening me what the dynamic is here. Please.

6) What is with men who want to be slaves to women? [That goes the other way also] But, with men there are some who want do not want conventional sex at all. They want to be locked up in a chastity device and allowed a ruined orgasm once a month or so. Some want to be the cuckold and seek a man to service their wife. I don’t get it.