A Matter Of Taste

Far too many f/m sites have pictures of really mean looking women that say they will do really mean things to men. I guess there are enough men that want that otherwise they would not be in business.


I would not want to be in the same place as this woman. However, I would like to chat up these two.


Looks like it was taken in a commercial building. A school?


A huge paddle for a slim woman. Interesting.



6 thoughts on “A Matter Of Taste”

  1. I have to agree with you, some of the sites seem to want the males to be very afraid of the women that they picture.

    However over the years I've visited quite a few pro, and non-pro spankers. And not once did I run into any women that looked this mean. Quite the contrary, most were your average looking women, that just seemed to know what a naughty boy needed.

    Always enjoy your blog.


  2. I do like the looks of the ladies in the bottom two pictures, however judging by the size of the lumber they are carrying, I might be convinced otherwise ;( But they do not have that mean vicious look the top one has. Judging by that picture I would not have anything to do with her! A lot of that kind of stuff goes on in BDSM which I am totally not interested in…. each to his own, it is just not for me.

  3. I VERY much agree with James and OHL!! A kind, caring, empathetic lady disciplinarian is fine, but I DETEST the thought of being in the hands of a sadistic, angry, “male-loathing,” TERRORIST!!!

    Love your blog,


  4. Hey Bogey…

    When you're chatting up those two gals, don't forget to put a good word in for your buddies! Any gal that has a paddle in her hand and a smile on her face is OK by me!

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