Off Grid

We are a little off the grid and will be for some months. We will try to maintain our three times a week posting schedule, but if we miss – you will know we are deep in a dead zone.
Speaking of being off, this lass seems to be escaping off trail. I hope she comes my way.

Just so we are clear after our recent post on porn, this is pussy shot that I like.
Ever had one blink at you?
See you soon with more foolishness.
Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Off Grid”

  1. …you can run.. but you can't hide! –(heehee)

    I've always wanted to use that line.. never found the right moment.. until now! (grins)

    You post 3 times a week?? OMG.. I'm soooooo outta the loop! I can barely get a post done once a week(!).. I guess I'm more of a once every other week–if i've not lost my mind,-kinda thang.

    ♥'s YOU!

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