Bacall Writes

Bogey needed attention.  What’s a girl to do, except give her man what he needs.  And as he knows, I am just the girl to do it.  He must put on an attractive undergarment, not that he will wear them very long.  Everyone likes a nicely presented package.  We have a selection of paddles, Sometimes it’s a difficult decision on which paddles to use. 

When we first started playing, we used many, many different paddles giving a very long buildup.  Now that we have been together so long and know what each other really likes, we can get directly to the main event.  I chose two favorites because they are very pretty and also give a long lasting sting.  First is a beautiful oak paddle with a nice handle that is easy to use.  Next is the much used favorite, the pine Teacher’s Paddle.  It’s amazing how a light weight paddle can give such a sting.

One of the things about switching is that each of us knows exactly how each paddle feels when applied.  I think that helps when selecting what we will play with on any given day.  Of course, on any given day we can be “sensitive” and “tough fanny”.  I don’t think that Bogey was Mr. Tough Fanny or maybe I was just paddling harder, but he was soon dancing around from foot to foot.  That’s always such a cute dance.

I think that he really did appreciate the effort that I put into the paddling.  Next time, will be my turn.  He has a new belt and he demonstrated how it felt on my bottom.  Don’t tell him, but I really did enjoy it and am looking forward to my time.

6 thoughts on “Bacall Writes”

  1. What a nice relationship, it sounds like you two are having way too much fun 🙂 Of course I guess having too much fun is a bit like having too much money…. not possible!

  2. I was thinking the same as OHL – such a lovely relationship you have.

    You should write more often Bacall. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I agree with Ronnie… you should regale us with “tails” of Bogey's paddlings more often! And you know, he told me just the other day that he had a secret too! Yep! Told me he was really hoping you'd feel like putting him OTK again cause he just loves it when you smile like that!

    No really… yep, told me those very words. Now Bogey, no thanks are needed, I figured you'd get around to telling Ms. Bacall eventually. Maybe right after her turn you know? You guys have fun… my job is done here now.

  4. Bacall, you painted a wonderful picture of your fun together, as always. There are indeed benefits to being a switch.


  5. Does he really understand how fortunate he is to have you? There had better be plenty of roses for all kinds of occasions, dinners out, theater and symphony, and whatever else is special to you. [Hope he reads this . . . you deserve it all :-)]

  6. Ms. Bacall-
    Its great to know that you take charge and keep Bogey in line with an application of your paddle.

    And its especially nice to hear the Female point of view.

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