More Tan Lines

Do you recall such hi-jinx when you were a teenager? I sure do. The lasses were such teases.  No camera’s then, but she remains etched in my mind. This could have been the gal at the Hollywood Pool. Where did she get off to? I was the tall gangly guy with pimples. Call me!


Her bottom is so spankable.

5 thoughts on “More Tan Lines”

  1. Hey you ! .. hi there ! Yes my Dadd was a bit cross and took me back to the condominium to continue the tanning with my bikini down ( as show LOL). Not much protection against his flexible, thin, hard -soled beach sandal..oooh just plenty of warm fresh air On my soft bare white botty ! (Ouch !)…it was stinging for the rest of the holiday ! luv n huggs x

  2. Great post, such a lovely white bum !…but not quite as fabulous as your post on January 13, showing the greatest tan lines and snow white girly bottom ever seen 🙂

    I am actually quite obsessed with tan lines – they are rarely seen today , compared to days of old, and evoke a retro feel which is always important for me. As an outdoor ,sun-tanned girl, I also posessed a snow white, non sun-tanned, bottom – still do, Lol – coupled with the fact that I was ususually spanked more in the summer (high jinxes) when gowing up.

    After bad behaviour, and yes a long time ago, my very strict mom or pop would pull down my shorts and panties or bikini bottoms for a good, sound, traditional bare bottom spanking with a thin , little switch/cane or small paddle; before sending me to my room. It was the 1960s/70s and by today's softer standards, such discipline was a stern fact of life.

    And I was very conscious of the snow white skin on my behind being uncovered and on view. My mother even commented on my fair -skinned botty in her strict, no-nonsense maternal way as she reddened the sensitive target.

    And so later, the conservative 1960s and 70s gave way to decades of smaller bikinis and nude sunbathing, tan lines and white backsides became less obvious and consigned to the history books (and photographers archives) but I have vivid images of my white botty (and my sister's) being exposed for parental dicipline.

    And so tan lines , wonderfully shown here, fascinate me and inspire role play and a rather niche, fascination within our “scene”.

    It all may sound a bit geeky and weird, but I sooo love tan lines 🙂

    Maybe other readers do too ?

    Brenda x


  3. ha-ha , just so snow white …and rose red 😉 tee-hee. I would enthusiastically refer all readers to your superlative Friday January 13 post to see that sensational white bum. It triggered spanking memories for me, so I posted about when I got a good switching on my bare botty from mummy (although they were always given on my bare botty) after one major paddling pool tantrum. Also there are other amazing “tan lines” photos and comments around January 2012 time. Regards, thanks, Brenda x

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