Father Hilliard’s Abbey of Correction for Wayward Lasses

I always liked the scene where Bill leaves Beatrix Kiddo to be trained by Pai Mei. What if he had left her at The Abbey of Correction? Let me describe the mission of the Abbey.

When a young lady exhibits petulance, bad temper, irritability, crabbiness, peevishness, grumpiness, tantrums and the like, it is often symptoms of problems that must be treated. However before treatment of the root cause can commence, atonement must be made for the childish and inappropriate
behavior. The goal of the Abbey is to ensure that a young lady always behaves properly.

The proscribed penitence for such behavior shall be both stinging palms and posterior by application of instruments explicitly designed for the purpose administered directly to the bare skin. It is the desire of the Father that sufficient discomfort be experienced so that the petitioner shall thoroughly
reflect on the error of her ways. If after the application of punishment, the Father is not entirely convinced that the petitioner is completely repentant, the punishment shall be repeated.

Some young ladies believe that false bravado, showing that they can endure their punishment without any outward sign of repentance is desirable. They are most mistaken. The punishment is meant to cause temporary pain and unless their distress is manifest, the Father believes that they are acting in a defiant manner and additional punishment is required.

The punishment for petulant acts shall be as follows: At the Father’s behest, the supplicant shall raise her skirt above her waist, both front and back, and it will be secured in that position for chastisement. At this
time, the Father will discuss her behavior with her and detail her punishment, which shall consists of no less than two wholehearted strokes with a stiff leather strap on the open palm of each hand. The strapping shall be followed by the supplicant standing facing the wall with her feet spread, about two feet from the wall, She shall then lean forward and place
her hands on the wall at eyelevel. She will tend adjust her body posture at the Father’s direction until he is satisfied that her posterior is thrust toward the center of the room in the most advantageous manner so that the paddle strokes contact on the most tender area. Depending on the severity of the offense a number of firm paddle strokes will then be administered.

Shall the Abbey expect any new arrivals?

Laps – IV

Today, you will have to endure the fourth edition of  views of woman’s laps.  Note to our five female readers, this will be the final edition.

Warning, two of the subjects today are armed. So what you see is not all in your mind.


Home Schooled


Number 1 is going to be up ended and spanked by me.

Number 2 would see me going out the back door.

Number 3 interests me. Yes, I would like to sample the application of her paddle.

Girdle Fetish

SpankedByMylady features frequent pictures of Cora in attractive girdles and hose. We share with them an appreciation of lingerie.

Here is Cora with a glimpse of her stocking top below her skirt line.

You Are Summoned

I know I would like to follow her up the stairs and bend over for a few pops of her paddle.

Being a switch, I also like to paddle women in girdles. This one would suit me nicely.

lingerie girdle99

We went panty girdle shopping in Mexico last week. Some of their panty girdles have pockets in the front for concealing money. Never seen that in the states. Anyway, we picked up three pair and we have christened two of them. I paddled Bacall in a bright red one and she paddled me in a beige one. It is an inexpensive way to indulge a fetish and have a little fun. It also helps that we wear the same size.

Ultimate Humiliation

The more I think about it, the more I think humiliation of a child of primary school age can be one path that leads being a spanko. I am not suggesting it is the only way and there is no way I can prove it even in my case. But, it seems reasonable.

In our post Why Do You Like To Be Spanked, it was advanced that fear and humiliation are so powerful they can become sexually linked. I know that I feared being paddled as a kid. I know that it was humiliating when other kids knew I was paddled. Consider that hormones that are released in the womb determine both physical attributes, the way are able to reason and how we are able to deal with life; it makes sense to me that hormones released due to fear or humiliation can also affect us after we are born.

In the second grade I got the ultimate humiliation. My in school behavior was not controlled by paddling so the teacher conspired with my mother and got a cloth diaper. When I acted up, she took me to the cloak room and put the diaper on me. Then I had to stand before the class and pull down my pants so the class could all see me in a diaper. Is that not one of the most despicable things you have ever heard? Not discipline, but child abuse.

After the guffaws settled down, I was taken back to the cloak room and paddled on the bare bottom. Of course the whole class could hear. Can you imagine having to see these same kids every day? Some of them through the twelfth grade?


Did it cure my behavior? NO. I was ADD. But that was something that I did not know about until I was almost 40.

Can you imagine a good relationship with me Mother after that? Can you understand why to this day, I don’t automatically respect people in positions of authority the way you might.

I am finally old enough to admit this happened to me.

Why Do You Like To Be Spanked?

Jacqueline Omerta is a psychologist, pro-domme, wife, and self-confessed spanko. She is the author of “You Would If You Loved Him” written to help women understand the needs of submissive men.


The reasons why someone likes to be spanked may be as varied as the ways there are to be spanked. All of us have wondered where our fetish comes from.

Something Mrs. Omerta said makes some sense to me.  She said that fear and humiliation are so powerful it can become sexually linked. I know that I feared being paddled as a kid. I know that it was humiliating when other kids knew I was paddled.

I am sure you know of people who because of a prior trauma where fear or stress, justified or not, has rendered them incapable of leading a normal life. Fear causes the release all sorts of hormones. So those hormones coursing through our bodies at a tender age could be one reason that some of us come to relish being spanked.

I will never forget the fear that erupted in me every time I was sentenced to a paddling. Normally there was a wait from the time of the sentence to the execution. A time that I stewed in my own juices, hormones, so to speak. If others knew that I was to be paddled or found out about it later, that made it all the worse for me.

So perhaps fear and humiliation made me a spanko? It’s the best theory I have heard that fits me. Or maybe that’s just psycho mumbo-jumbo?

Laps – II

We have not done a picture series in awhile, so here we go again.

None of these pictures depict that a spanking might take place. If you see spanking in them, it’s all in your mind. There are no fingers beckoning you and no implements in view. This woman is just sitting on the bed.


Oh My My


Cleavage and stocking tops


That’s enough for this week.

It’s getting hot here.