Today, I am going to post about something of which I have little knowledge. That’s not unusual for me. I do it all the time.

I think it was a post by Consensual Spanking about pegging that led me to other sites where pegging is discussed and pictured.

Personal background: I was mildly anal erotic until I was 30-something. It just left me. I never considered pegging. I don’t think I even knew about it. A finger on my anus near climax created fireworks for me. Bacall did this until one day she said she had never done it before and did not want to do it now. OK, I had been hallucinating.

Bacall considers the anus a sacred orifice. Nothing goes up there. She put off a colonoscopy for almost a decade. Then gripped about it almost every day for two months until the day of the procedure.

Some observations on pegging:

The women in the pictures I saw are of two types. The ones on the commercial sites are snarling and menacing. They must appeal to men who want to be humiliated and forced to accept the probe. The men seem or feign to be in distress. I have no interest there. I get all the distress I can handle reading the newspaper.

The majority of the pictures I saw were of girls-next-door who were not at all ashamed being photographed wearing their strap-ons. Indeed, most of them seemed to proud of having a rigid protuberance.


And unlike amateur spanking pictures, I saw lots of smiling faces.


I find this interesting. Most of us hide our faces in spanking pictures, male or female, top or bottom. [Yes, the bottom’s face is necessarily hidden from the camera] Yet, in pegging pictures men and especially women are not camera shy. I wonder what the difference is? Any thoughts?

Second, I found myself drawn into a short clip of a woman mounting her mate. He was knees and head on the bed. She entered him and began pumping away without a pause. Just like my annual prostate exam, in and out before I know it. Watching her thrusting was mesmerizing. Are women better thrusters than men or was it her dressed in garter belt and heels with her bubble butt  moving rhythmically  that captured me?

Third observation: Most of the dicks were semi-rigid. If it feels so good, why not rigid?

Last, there seems to be a fashion thing to strap-on’s. Lots of colors and styles.