School Girls

It’s Monday. I don’t have a post ready, so I am falling back on a picture post. At least some of the guys will like it.

It’s been awhile since I was in school, but I feel the need to go back. I think I need remedial instruction.


Could she live in my locker?


I have always loved a tease.

schools girls

You knew these two, didn’t you? They were always up to some mischief. But they never got caught.

4 thoughts on “School Girls”

  1. Well, when I was in school the girls never dressed like that but it was the 'golden age' of the clash of mini skirts with stockings held up by garters attached to their panty girdles. There was a constant source of glimpses of stocking top (and sometimes garter glimpses) as the girls fought the battle of keeping their skirts pulled down.

  2. I remember them well, they used to sit in front of me and ensure I was jammed into my desk…oh those ties

  3. Thanks for letting me see what I missed . . .. Went to an all boys school with all male staff. Looking back I think I would opt for that again, believe it or not.

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