Bent Over Again


Regular reader Tex poses these questions.

Do you prefer the classic legs together pose of the first picture, rather than the legs spread position of the second pic? The appeal of the feminine behind just seems a lot sexier with a woman bent well over and legs still together… at least to me.

I like to have the woman adjust her position how ever well she may present her bottom, I like to make little changes, if only to prolong what is coming. For both of us.

Bent Over for Bogey


Bent Over for Bogey 2

How about paddling the male bottom? Legs closed… or slightly open?

Hoohah blurred to meet our posting criteria. This is a spanking Blog. If you need to see parts there are hundreds of Tumblr sites.

6 thoughts on “Bent Over Again”

  1. I like the spread of a naughty woman's legs, for it is a joyous sexual delight to see her pubic area, as she is spanked.

  2. If I am spanking a lady she would normally be over my knee so the pictures aren't relevant. However if I was using an implement I prefer them to have their legs together as I feel that is a far more attractive position.
    When being punished,as happens considerably more frequently, I have no preference but my Mistress likes to vary my position. I don't think there is any real difference in the sensation whether my legs are together or apart.

  3. I much prefer to be bent over something especially his lap than standing there touching my toes/ankles. Luckily that doesn't happen very often now.


  4. You know that I am not so much into close-ups of private parts. But in this case I like the way the young woman is looking at the viewer through her legs in the second picture. It is a nice composition! I wouldn't mind if she wore a panty, though. As for private play, I think it depends on the scenario and my mood. In my opinion it is nice to have some variety!

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