This post was inspired by Kaelah’s recent post.

I think some degree of humiliation is desired by some tops and bottoms. It’s mutually beneficial when both desire the same. Bacall and I don’t happen to need it. Not sure if there is anything that would humiliate us. We are rather comfortable within our skin. If we did not want our grandkids to know more about us than they need to know, you would see pictures of us.

It could be that something that would have humiliated/embarrassed me at some point in my life no longer would. One of my first instances of preadolescent body embarrassment was when I was changing into my swim trunks on our houseboat. A family friend happened into the common cabin area while I had my pants down and I was mortified that she could see my bare bottom which I was trying to cover. As she retreated from the area, she remarked that it was my other side I should be covering. That was an epiphany for me.

All of my young life women, Mother and teachers, had been interested in my backside. I can not say I had sexual feelings about my bottom, but I knew I did not like female attention to it as it was always painful.

I tried to humiliate/embarrass some women I have spanked. It did not always work as they were blasé about exposing themselves in say the diaper position. With others I tried public nudity, flogging before a group. Nope, they reveled in being nude and showing they could take whatever was handed out. A few times, I was able to take them where they wanted to go, but it took careful listening, pondering and thoughtful action.

When I was 20-something, I would have been highly embarrassed if anyone, other than Bacall, knew that I liked to don panties. That was much more of a secret than my enjoyment of being paddled. Now, it not a big deal with me as I have found that women are accepting of the practice. Evidently, they have known men who wear panties and are inured to it?

The only paddling position that gives me a little embarrassment is knees and head on the floor with her standing over me.

It’s hard to get to an Alpha.

I would like to talk with a large group of women who have had extensive dating experience about their experiences with men who like to wear panties and be spanked. I would think I would need to talk to all age groups about this. Anyone out there that can write and obtain a research grant for me to do this?

Thanks, But I Really Don’t Care To See Your Hoohah

I came of age when Playboy was young. The girls were attractive, the parts were round and perky and everything was air brushed to exquisite perfection. Their plumbing was never depicted. A competitor magazine later did show full frontal nudity, but as I recall the legs were not spread and muffs were still in style.

It’s a new world now. I think every woman under 40 has her hoohah on the web. Usually with her legs spread, so one can imagine whatever folks who like this sort of thing like to imagine. I just scroll down.

I see this more and more on commercial spanking sites. Guess that’s why I retreat when I see it’s a commercial site. The situations are unreal, the women not all that attractive, they are being spanked for some flimsy reason, and spanked poorly. There they are with their tats and hoohah. Waxing gives women the adolescent look.

I will not be around when the now 25 year old woman’s kids find pictures of Mom with her legs spread. The kids will know for sure where they came from.

Curious to me is that women will show their faces along with their hoohah, but not their faces when being spanked. Explain that.

What is sexy to me

Fritz Willis

The Christmas Spoon

We had a friend that made us a wooden spoon with Santa’s face on the bowl.  It has been a favorite toy since we received it over ten years ago.  It hangs on the mantle with our Christmas stockings and is used throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas paddle1

This morning seemed like to good time to get into that fun Christmas feeling.  Being in a playful mood, we both dressed in red, after all it’s Christmas and our bottoms would soon be the same delightful color.  I picked out our toys – the Santa spoon and the red paddle for both of us and then each of our favorite paddles.  First Santa popped our bottoms for a few minutes, then Bogey used my favorite paddle on me and I used his favorite on him.  We had a break for cuddling in between each paddle.  Then came the favorite/dreaded red paddle.  As mentioned in many other post, we have had the red paddle for many many years.  It endures and does not lose it’s sting.  It was a fun and delightful way to play this morning.

Our paddle making friend recently passed away, so in his honor, “Merry Christmas and Many Spanks”.

Pain and Pleasure

A regular reader sent this picture.

A Swat Too Far

I judged that it was not Monica, but the result of a man being spanked OTK and having a happy ending.

I wrote him back and said this is another situation where I am not with the mainstream bottoms. I could never come from a spanking. In fact, I lose my bone when I go OTK. I know this is a favorite of men from reading stories and listening to women talk about getting come on their skirts. It’s just not me.

He replied: I wonder if it IS mainstream? Do all guys that enjoy getting spanked always get an erection before or during? I guess I’m not in that group since I seem to get aroused “mentally” rather than physically before or during a spanking. I can watch a spanking or think about getting spanked or giving a spanking and get turned on physically but when it comes to getting a boner right before going over the female lap it has rarely happened.

I guess my query is whether there are two types of spanko’s… those that have a physical, sexual reaction to spanking… and those that have an emotional one. What role does sexual pain play, I wonder? Do you have to be at least somewhat masochistic to sexually enjoy getting a painful spanking? I know if I did sprout a boner before a spanking because of the sexually charged atmosphere, there’s just no way I can imagine that I would keep it once the paddle or hairbrush began to introduce itself to my backside. For me maybe, I guess it’s the “thought” of pain rather than the actual pain, that’s sexy. I don’t know… it’s one of the mysteries of TTWD that I still don’t have a good answer for. Feel free to enlighten me… please! LOL

Can any readers shed some light on this topic?

The Woodshed

In our new place, there is not enough enclosed storage for all of our tools. So we have acquired a storage shed – or what we will call the wood shed. We have always wanted a wood shed and we found one with a decent look.

wood shed

I wonder whose panties are hanging on the door?

The back yard is private so one can be sent to and from the shed undressed. Ummm delicious.


An ideal woodshed