What Happened?

This is what I know so far.

Google sent me a warning note saying that OBB had been reported for posting copyrighted pictures. Four pictures were listed and they removed them. [I had already deleted a few dozen more that had been identified to me as being copyrighted]

Interestingly, of the four pictures cited, two were from the long distant B&W era and I really really doubt that anyone was claiming them. A third picture was one I took! I think that demonstrates the broad brush methods of the firm DMCA Enforcers, LLC, which represents the alleged copy-right holders. I say alleged, as many of the pictures did NOT have a water mark.

I have had more thoughts about Kelly Payne. DMCA Enforcers  was especially adamant about Kelly wanting us off-the-air. After a few days I recalled that I had posted about her on 10/12.

We have not bought a “pro” spanking video in years. While I have
long admired Kelly Payne’s still photo’s, I had never seen one of her
videos. I recently saw a clip and I was shocked. She was scolding the man in a very loud voice. I understand that is highly desired by some male bottoms, but it’s not where we go.

It was not exactly complimentary, but I have no use for shrill people, male or female. After seeing that clip of her, I would not care to be anywhere around her. It could have been that someone put her on to OBB?

Will the FBI show up here? I don’t know.

We all know of numerous Blogs where the only content is pictures. So DMCA Enforcers is sure as heck not trolling the web looking for violations. I think they earn their money only when someone reports a site.

I have about a dozen posts ready to go, but half of them use what may be a copy-righted picture, so I will not upload those. Bottom line, there may be fewer picture posts at OBB. But, there are hundreds of Tumblr sites for getting your fix.

9 thoughts on “What Happened?”

  1. That's very disturbing, but I think you are right about Kelly complaining. I double anyone will be specifically watching your blog for more violations.


  2. Does sound like you two are being specifically targeted for harassment. Stay strong, Bogey and Bacall, you have many people in your corner. LOL I know there's a corner time joke in there somewhere. 🙂

  3. Google hit me with that too on my old blog address and some of the photos were ones that I took myself. Conclusion – it's just more Google B.S. Even though it hit my stats badly, I feel far better off blogging on WordPress.


  4. Very strange, we all have lots of photos from all over the place. As I understand it, if you are not commercial (making money out of them) you are able to post them for comment and parody purposes. I might just have got that off the back of a matchbox, of course 😛

    And Google seems to make it hard for WordPress users to comment…

  5. I agree that this is very strange. I can't imagine why your own photos (and those of SpankedHortic also)were singled out. I guess we will start watermaking our own photos; not to keep others from using them, but in case the Blog Police try to accuse us of photo larceny.


  6. Very Strange. i wil start removing all photos of Kelly that I have. Why provide publicity, if at the same time, she does not want these pictures in the public domain.
    I am having a little problem that my YouTube account wants to link with other Google accounts. My YouTube is in my own name, so I will let it expire, rather than have it connect to my fictitious spanking persona. The spankings are real, the name obviously is not real

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