Tan Lines–Round Two

It’s fetish Monday again.

Thanks to Tex for sharing these with us!

tan lines10

tan lines13

I would like to say that the pictures above are sexy to me. A lot more so than the ones we are all seeing too much of now. It seems that half of the women in the world have been photographed with their hoohaa’s fully exposed, sometimes with the lips drawn to one side.

It’s not sexy to me. If I wanted to see such I could have been a GYN.

Thanks for letting me vent. I must be getting old and in the way.

7 thoughts on “Tan Lines–Round Two”

  1. Definitely getting old… but it b eats the alternative of dieing young. These old playboy shots take me back to my youthful days… I love that their are now so many spanking pictures available, different from our youth.

  2. Hi
    This is what I grew up with. You hardly ever saw the front below the waist.I think this is what led me to be a bottom and leg man.
    I guess your problem was solved since you are still here to be visited.
    Michael M

  3. Good to see that you are still here.

    I, too really like these photos. Yes, they are very sexy. Since we seem to be of similar 'vintages' I guess that is part of it. And sometimes there is something sexy about a fully clothed woman, too.

  4. Incredibly sexy pics. Yes our youth was so different and repressed but now the internet has opened up to us all that we longed for.The only pics I saw in that represssed era was just a hint of the female body.Soooo different now.Yippeee!!!

  5. Not old just nostalgic for those good old woodshed days ! ( Spankos 1950s themes)…top photo is waiting for a good bare botty spanking from Daddy (strap, hairbrush, hickory stick ?) And photo 2 probably is too. In those innocent times naughty girls got their panties pulled down for discipline and yes the tan lines would frame a sensitive snow white botty always conservatively covered for respectable young ladies and sometimes exposed to fresh air (when naughty)for Daddy's eyes only ….and his strap !

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