Seven From Bacall

1.  I am good & loving wife, mother, and grandmother.
2.  I am a loyal and supportive friend.
3.  I am a blonde and know how to play the part.
4.  I appreciate spending time chatting/giggling with my girlfriends.
5.  I love to travel.
6.  I do not tolerate negative people.
7.  I love to read mysteries that have a little romance.

Hope you and yours will enjoy the holiday.

3 thoughts on “Seven From Bacall”

  1. Hi Bacall,

    Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. Do you like Karen Robards? She mixes a bit of spanking into her mysteries.


  2. You missed one Ma'am.

    I'm sure Bogey would add… “The Perfect Spanking Partner” or perhaps, “A Sultry, Syren of Spanking” to your list.


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