Seven Things

I enjoy seeking out remote locations in the 11 western states. Places with nothing but horizon.

A small town in Florida had a statue of my great, great grandfather in the town square.

I am a long time member of Athletics Anonymous. Anytime I think about exercising, I call my sponsor and she brings over a chocolate bunt cake.

I drink about two cola’s a year. My fav beverages are sweet ice tea and Ardbeg Whisky. [Not together]

I have spanked over 100 women. None of them as much fun as spanking Bacall.

Bacall says I am very compassionate and that I talk too loud.

5 thoughts on “Seven Things”

  1. Good to see you are still posting.

    Wow, 100 ladies with burning backsides. Its probably a good thing you don't cut notches in your paddle. It would be nothing but sawdust by now.


  2. Ardbeg whiskey. Nice choice. Have you tried Laphroag Quarter Cask? Matured in casks a quarter of the usual size so more of the whiskey is in contact with the wood, giving a stronger flavour. Bottled at 48% alcohol too. The longest finish of any whiskey I know (and I've tried a fair few!).

    All the best


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