Love Our Lurkers

Dear Gentle Readers,

The most popular Blog for spanking enthusiasts, My Bottom Smarts, (whose name this humble Blog corrupted without shame or guilt), has called for the sixth Love Our Lurkers Day. Bacall and I encourage both of our readers to post to as many spanking Blogs as they can. The experience will be self-rewarding.

It does not matter what you say, anything would be most welcome. No need to be clever or witty.

9 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers”

  1. Happy LOL Day Bogey & Bacall. I visit frequently but rarely comment which is bad on my part. You two encompass many points of view for our community and that is unique and refreshing. Thank you for your honesty and openness.

    And love your new site format. Very creative.

  2. Happy LoL Day!

    Like the new design, though this is my third attempt to add a comment here (which is probably not a problem of the new design!)
    After clicking “publish” I get forwarded to the comment page in a different format and with a Captcha to enter – that's okay, but all of the entered text is gone (using Chrome)!

    Anyway, the page is definitely easier to read now!


  3. Happy LOL day! (I had the same issue with Chross, so let's see if this comment works.)

    I love reading about you guys. It gives others something to aspire to.


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