Bullet Bras

Another walk down memory lane. Hermione posted about bras with an inflatable bladder. These bras are sans air pressure for effect, but I like the effect.

I got a D in Math in the seventh grade because Becky was the first in our grade to bloom and bloom she did in bullet bras and white fuzzy sweaters.


The basic style

bullet beforebullet after

Before and after


Styles that make me drool. Lingerie and spanking go together.

Pardon me while I find and ravish Bacall.

One thought on “Bullet Bras”

  1. Thanks for these images.
    Number 1 is exquisite and has a lovely “come on” smile.
    I have been thinking of buying something like this as a Christmas present – for her whom I adore -but I am not sure she would wear it outside the house as I would wish, or on Christmas day with the family at dinner.
    Michael M

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