Our Most Popular Posts

It’s curious to me that our most popular posts were all made last year. Nothing this year is even close to them. I don’t consider a one of them above average in content/interest. The popularity may be that they are common search phrases?

Here are the top five hits for the last month:

Spanking Pictures – 742 Pageviews

I Love Paddling – 551 Pageviews

The Principal and Her Paddle – 512 Pageviews

Kelly Payne – 379 Pageviews

Spanking Art – 362 Pageviews

3 thoughts on “Our Most Popular Posts”

  1. The popularity of posts in our interest area is an as yet unstudied phenomena, worthy of a PhD 🙂 Some of my own favourite posts have received very few hits, whilst a single unremarkable photo and two or three hurried lines have sky-rocketed. It's a mystery. I don't get any hits from search engines to speak of, one or two a day. Obviously a direct reference from Chross or Brushstrokes creates a big blip, but even taking that into account it seems very random. May be it's just how intriguing the title is!

  2. I have to admit that I too can't work out why people tend to like one specific post over another. I've done posts that I was really pleased with and thought may spark some interest and gotten very little response, yet another post that I did not think was as captivating may have sparked a lot of interest.

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