Spanking Game

Awhile back I offered to send a play-it-on-the-computer spanking game to anyone that wanted it. Until yesterday, no one was interested. Trying to send it to the requestor failed as Gmail no longer will accepts executable files as an attachment.

So just for Steve, here is a fun game that can be played without a computer.

On a small piece of paper, write the name of each toy that might be used. Fold each piece paper and set the stack aside.

On an equally small pieces of paper write the name of each pair of panties that might be worn for the game.

On a third group of small pieces of paper, write the number of licks that might be taken.

Ready to play? Draw from the panty pile and put the panties on. Then draw from the implement pile. Finally draw from the number of licks pile.

What are you waiting for, bend over and take your licks.

You could make a rule that half or some fraction of the licks be bare bottom.

You can always draw again from the implement and licks pile.

You could have a rule that if you deem the number of licks is too many, you can draw again with a five lick penalty.

Our licks pile had the numbers 10 through 30. Many want a lot more than that, so you could keep the number of slips of paper down by numbering by 5 or 10.

Fantasy Spankers

Bacall writes:

Some of my fantasy spankers are from movies, but a lot of the time I think it’s the actor that portrayed the part that did it for me.  My first memory of going to a movie and thinking the lead actress needed a really good spanking and she was going to get it, was when I was freshman in high school and saw “Gone with the Wind” as Rhett Butler carries Scarlett up the long staircase.  We all knew she was going to get the spanking and more.  There were no scenes showing what happened.  You just used your imagination and the next day Scarlett was one happy girl.  Still brings a smile to my face.

John Wayne was always spanking women in his movies, and as much as I loved him, I never imagined him spanking me.  I do like the strong masculine guy and they seem to have disappeared in the last 20 years.  Sean Connery in a kilt – nothing more needs to be said!  Tom Selleck always brings a smile to my face.  I think if Sean Connery or Tom Selleck spanked me, I would have a huge smile on my face for a very long time.

Our Most Popular Posts

It’s curious to me that our most popular posts were all made last year. Nothing this year is even close to them. I don’t consider a one of them above average in content/interest. The popularity may be that they are common search phrases?

Here are the top five hits for the last month:

Spanking Pictures – 742 Pageviews

I Love Paddling – 551 Pageviews

The Principal and Her Paddle – 512 Pageviews

Kelly Payne – 379 Pageviews

Spanking Art – 362 Pageviews

Dealing With Our Demons

I have known of Erica Scott for over a decade. I was a long time, but occasional, reader of SCSW. 

I am not going to write a review of her new book Late Bloomers. Others with better word skills than I possess have already done that. I will just say that I found it an enjoyable read and commend it to you.

Erica and I have more a few intersections in our personal lives – similar parents being one thing in common. Not all of us had Ozzie and Harriet parents like Bacall did. As Erica relates her early life, I found it easy to understand the neuroses she has, having been down some of the same road.

Where we differ is that she has kept a journal and I have attention deficit disorder. While most of my life is blur, her recall is perfect. It’s a coin toss for me. Is recalling the details of childhood pain better or is it best to be blissfully ignorant of a large part of your past?

She makes reading even the darker parts of her life interesting. And she shows how embracing her spanking desires has helped her in several ways.

I had wondered about how her relationship with her love John worked. Now I know.

Some of her best advise was on the last page. For any spanko who may be reading this, do yourself a favor: Don’t question the whys and wherefores or over-analyze to death this thing we do. Just enjoy the hell out of it. Spanking is fun and for people like us, it provides a physical and emotional fulfillment that defies explanation.

That’s enough. Order her book. I think you will find it an enjoyable read.