Bacall Was Paddle Proof Again

In the last few months, Bacall has entered a new phase. She is liking stingier paddles. It’s not every time, but sometimes. Our spanking life changes ever so slowly, never by design. Always by happenstance.

Once again, my “paddle proof” self reappeared.  After working in the yard for a while, I came in to take my shower and to be entertained by Bogey.  While in the shower, I started singing to myself “A paddling we will go”.

After getting properly attired, I sat in the den and waited for Bogey to recognize how cute I looked.  I finally gave up; I am sure he knew what was going on! [I noticed, I just failed to vocalize it] I thought about the old Mickey & Sylvia song, “Love is Strange”.  I know how to call my lover-boy – I started paddling myself!  Of course, Bogey came running to assist me. [Actually, I like to watch her paddle herself. She does a fine job and her bottom was already bright pink]

So he starts paddling me.  Now let me tell you right here that singing and dancing when a paddle is coming down on your behind is not advisable.  Also not advisable is giggling.  Also especially not advisable is standing up and singing, “is that all there is my friend, then let’s keep dancing.”  Okay, I stopped singing and dancing, my bottom was sore for a couple of hours, but I had a big grin on my face!

4 thoughts on “Bacall Was Paddle Proof Again”

  1. wonderful to read such a fun time you both had…. .. Bacall should realize that men are somewhat thick, and slow in reading signs. Simply ask to be spanked and you will most definitely receive.
    happy spankings

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