Yes, I have a passion for spanking, but I can still, vaguely, recall those moments when I was much younger and even the touch of a lasses hand on mine was electrifying.

We had so many hormones then – whose sole purpose was drive us to perpetuate the species.

The electric touch, eyes meeting, lips together, minds melting, quick breathing, and sometimes clothes discarded, coupling, mutual screaming.

Most of the passion of new love dies after a few months. We can still sometimes find parts of it. It’s always fun when I can get Bacall begging for release. Equally fun, when she does it to me.

In a spanking context, this is usually kindled when I use the batten on her inner thighs. Combined with tapping her most sensitive parts with the batten. If all the parts come together, she has a fine come.

For me, it’s when she paddles me and stops to stroke me for awhile, then tell me to bend over again. If she repeats this a few times, I am as submissive as I can get and I get so hard  that cat could not scratch it. She will conclude by whispering in my ear, will you take another six licks? Of course, I will. Soon my seed is split and she looks satisfied with herself.

beyond teasing

This lass knows exactly the effect she is having on the professor. I am sure some readers have either done it or had it done to them. It would not need to be a student/teacher, any situation where a woman decides to initiate things just to see where it goes.


Perhaps she is wearing this when you arrive?

I have always enjoyed a woman coming on to me, more than my conquering her. Perhaps this is my submissive side?

Anyway, there always has to be more than just paddle licks to make it special for us.

Paddles and Such

Regular reader Tex writes:

Being from the South, I guess no one should be surprised we all like paddles right? Most of us saw plenty of them in use at school or home growing up, even if we managed to avoid getting pops ourselves. Seems funny but reading different accounts it seems there are a lot of us who never got the paddle but saw it in action or even better, “heard” it in action and found something that fascinated us and caused more than just a little bit of seat squirming. I never got the paddle growing up but I sure fantasized about getting it from a few of my lady teachers at the time. I was a pretty good kid and rarely in trouble so the worst I ever got at school was a few licks with the coaches whistle strap.

You remember those? Back when I was in school it was popular to make various things out of thin strips of braided vinyl. The vinyl had a fiber core in it and I think it was some kind of craft thing originally but a lot of coaches had these long necklace type braided straps made to hang their whistles on. For less serious infractions, coach would line ’em up, bend us over and whip our butts half a dozen times or so with that whistle… MAN did that sucker sting! Nothing like the shock of getting the paddle but it did get your attention pretty dang quick.

Back to paddles… I guess the very first “implement” Mrs. Tex and I played with was an old ceiling fan blade converted into a paddle. I trimmed the narrow end into a handle, wrapped it with tape for a grip and yahooo!… instant paddle. Pretty good sting too, sort of similar to a ping pong paddle only with a lot more force. Of course it caught a lot of air so you couldn’t get too carried away but back then we were just learning and our tolerances were pretty mild. I got quite a few early marital paddlings thanks to the Bahama Ceiling Fan Company… guess I should send a thank you note someday, huh? After that we went shopping and bought a kitchen tool that made a heck of a OTK paddle. I don’t know what it was for but it was about 14″ long with about half of that handle. The business end was wide and mostly oval but tapered down some at the tip. It was about a 1/4″ thick but made from a fairly hard wood (maybe birch?) so had a terrific ouchy sting. Real  butt blazer too because it always seemed to make for a really red bottom! I guess it was for stirring something but the paddle end was probably 5″ wide or so at the middle. I really liked that paddle a lot and was truly sad the day it split in half… but it went down swinging as it were.

county sheriff

We bought a thin Fraternity paddle from Michaels craft store probably thirty years ago (man time flies, huh?) that we still have (and use!) to this day. It’s not a “real” paddle as it’s totally flat edged on one side and made for pasting letters or designs on. It’s made from a dark hardwood though and has plenty of good sting being only about 3/8″ thick. Mrs. T still enjoys paddling me with it every now and then and I can vouch that is hasn’t lost any of it’s sting. Most of our paddles are thin and stingy which is what I like most. I don’t have any that are thick and to be honest, the thuddy toys we have are mostly leather. I do have a leather school paddle from the old Ecstasy Leathers outfit that we call “The Principal”. For a leather paddle, it has a big sting factor with some heft so is a little thuddy too.

On the homemade front, I’ve made a couple lately that are keepers out of wood picked up at Lowes. One is a short OTK maple paddle, about 14″ long 3.5″ wide on the business end. It’s got about 8″ of business end so won’t cover both cheeks with one swat but is really a good size for spanking each cheek in turn and then working the sit-spot area. This one also is seems to paint really nice shades of red pretty quickly. I also made a longer, maybe 20″ paddle with the same 3.5″ wide business end out of poplar. Haven’t stained that one yet… am tempted to just put a light oil finish on it. Really don’t want to change the character or feel of the wood with a polyurethane or clear coat. I’d like to keep that sort of coarse, open surface texture. One of the nice things about poplar I’ve found is that being somewhat soft, it seems to have a nice dull sort of burn factor… somewhere between sting and thud. Since it’s softwood and would probably break, you can’t  really swing too hard but then for the level I usually enjoy “bare bottom” wise it’s not a bad choice. Probably one of those you just have to plan on making more than once for replacements.

principals paddle

On my to do list is a really nice Spencer Paddle, both a full sized and “Dana” sized version. Dana Specht has a pocket Spencer with holes that is super stingy as well as the full on butt burner size for naughty boys (I’ve been spanked with both by the way and they’re highly memorable!) I like the ones she has which have the smaller, 1/4″ countersunk rounded holes drilled in rows down the blade. They’re made out of solid core 3/8″ birch plywood I think which means they’re light but very hard. I don’t know if you visit his blog but Ken at Spanked by My Lady has made a couple of very nice full sized Spencer’s that I’d like to emulate when I get around to it. I’d also like to try a few from ash, hickory and a few other light but hard woods. Your and Bacall’s birch paddles look nice though the Teacher would be my choice too for sting rather than thud.

What say you?


Making a Paddle – II

Thanks to some questions about yesterday’s post, we have a post for today


Joey asked:

How long and wide is the business end of the Teacher’s paddle? Also, do you hand sand the edges after you make the cuts?

It’s 7 x 2.5 inches. I round off the edges with a router and then hand sand finishing with 400 grit.

Ronnie asked:
They look lovely Bogey. How long did it take you to make them and where did you get the wood? Did you use a pattern to shape them?

A paddle takes a few hours total spread out over two or three days to allow the polyurethane to dry between coats. Cutting the paddle out and routing it only takes maybe 30 minutes.

I have used wood picked up from construction sites to buying it at hardware stores. The birch came from Lowe’s. They sell small pieces for small projects.

I made a paper pattern for this paddle. I finally got the size and weight right after several failures. It’s 98% sting.

I just cut and test until I get it right. The testing is fun!

Hobbes asked:

Do you ever have problems with bruising from these paddles? Seems like they would be pretty heavy on bare skin and leave bruises . .

Our experience with bruising has a LOT more to do with the spankee than the paddle. Some people bruise very easily. The teacher’s paddle is light and stingy and I cannot recall anyone being bruised with it. Tho I can think of one lass that bruises being shown a paddle.


PS. The paddle was out of the drawer yesterday and today!

Making A Paddle

I have made dozens of paddles over the years – mostly wood, but several leather ones as well. Most of them I made for our own use, but a few were made as gifts. I would guess that maybe 30% of the ones I made for our use were long term keepers.

Looking at piece of wood and guessing how it will work as a paddle is not my forte. Maybe it will be a winner, maybe not. Bacall helps by bending over while I shape and re-shape the paddle, trying to get it just right.

The Principal’s paddle is one of our oldest. It has been cut down twice. Bacall uses it with skill on me. It’s way too much for her bottom. It’s pine and a 1/2 inch thick. It’s about 50/50 thud/sting. Many our our sessions begin with me getting a dozen, bare bottom, with this paddle. It results in a white hot bottom.   I know I will be experiencing the familiarity of being well paddled for the next few hours.

When I am feeling paddle proof, I can take two dozen with it. I have not been feeling paddle proof for sometime.


A decade or so back, I changed from wanting a lighter paddle first and ending with the heavy artillery. Now I like the Principal’s paddle first, followed by a real stinger that we call the Teacher’s paddle. This paddle was made from a piece of scrap and turned out to be a treasure. It’s birch wood, light and thin at 3/8 inch. I have used it on several women. Over jeans, it stings, on the bare, it’s a bottom scorcher. Everyone who has experienced it has remarked, sometimes loudly, about it’s effectiveness.

It’s been out of the drawer the last three days. Once or twice a day, we have been trading licks with it. Tomorrow we are going all out with it. Seems like a good idea now anyway.

Bacall’s mouth broke loose this morning and after a dozen or so licks, she asked “Is that all you have”. I readdressed the situation. She started kicking her legs in the air and soon enough she was a satisfied gal.

Bacall Was Paddle Proof Again

In the last few months, Bacall has entered a new phase. She is liking stingier paddles. It’s not every time, but sometimes. Our spanking life changes ever so slowly, never by design. Always by happenstance.

Once again, my “paddle proof” self reappeared.  After working in the yard for a while, I came in to take my shower and to be entertained by Bogey.  While in the shower, I started singing to myself “A paddling we will go”.

After getting properly attired, I sat in the den and waited for Bogey to recognize how cute I looked.  I finally gave up; I am sure he knew what was going on! [I noticed, I just failed to vocalize it] I thought about the old Mickey & Sylvia song, “Love is Strange”.  I know how to call my lover-boy – I started paddling myself!  Of course, Bogey came running to assist me. [Actually, I like to watch her paddle herself. She does a fine job and her bottom was already bright pink]

So he starts paddling me.  Now let me tell you right here that singing and dancing when a paddle is coming down on your behind is not advisable.  Also not advisable is giggling.  Also especially not advisable is standing up and singing, “is that all there is my friend, then let’s keep dancing.”  Okay, I stopped singing and dancing, my bottom was sore for a couple of hours, but I had a big grin on my face!