Paddled Again

We both got hot and sweaty doing a little work in the yard this morning. After showers, Bacall ran some errands and I put on a pair of comfortable pink panties, a t-shirt and reclined in my chair to read a fascinating book on American history. [It has been a long time since I had on pink]

I was still reading when Bacall got back and saw what I was wearing. She feigned shock and got our pink paddle and invited me OTK. You know I can not take many licks when she goes hard and fast, which she always does when I am OTK. I really tried to make her a present of my bottom and take the paddling. After maybe 20 licks I extracted myself. Yeah, I am a wimp and can not spell submissun.

I bent over and she gave me another swarm of licks with it. Then I gave her some with it.

Then she decided she wanted to go in the bedroom “for some serious paddling”. She pulled out her holey paddle and the Teacher’s paddle. I assumed the position and she gave a a dozen or so which set me on fire. I then popped her fanny a dozen times. Then we lay on the bad and talked about our play, friends we have played with and suddenly it was lunch time.

Life is good

5 thoughts on “Paddled Again”

  1. Lunch? Now that you mention it I've noticed that after a good “bun” warming my appetite does seem to wake up a bit.

    Hmmm… getting spanked… get the munchies?

  2. If F. Scott Fitzgerald was born later & knew you two, “The Great Gatsby” would have had spanking no doubt.
    My book report would have received a better grade as well.
    How was lunch? 😉

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