Bad Teacher–Birds and Bees

The trailers for Bad Teacher don’t make me want to run out and rent it. However, this picture does do it for me. Are those garter snaps?


I really would not care which of us bent over the desk – her, me, both of us. I see the pointer on the desk, where is the paddle?

For shoe lovers, these should work for you.

6 thoughts on “Bad Teacher–Birds and Bees”

  1. Probably a good thing none of my teachers looked like that! I'd never have made it out of grade school…

  2. Perky and very spankable. Matching bra and shoes is a nice touch – may be “other” underwear matches also? I don't mind checking if you're busy…

  3. This is one of those movies where you can replay it in your head and add in the scenes you would like to have happen. Hours of fun.I can relish the thought of being over that desk having been caught smoking.
    Michael M

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