White Girdle Monday – II

Edition two

white girdles 2

The top picture is from a defunct site, Panties, Panties, Panties. She liked to model.

The center could be from Nu-West?

The lower ones are probably from ads and are what we like in a girdle.

Happy Fourth of July.

6 thoughts on “White Girdle Monday – II”

  1. You know, there's just something “right” about a Lady's panty girdled bottom. Just makes one want to give it a good smack or two… dozen? A happy 4th to you and Bacall!

  2. Hi
    When you say “we” should your readers assume that you like to slip on a girdle from time to time or is it just Becall who rolls one on?
    The top picture is my choice this week.Keep them coming.
    Best for your Independence Day. You guys did the right thing way back then.
    Michael M

  3. I love them, I love them, I love them. Those panty-girdled female bottoms. Such voluptous encasement of the female's naked rear end, in such an erotic undergarment, makes this man eye's explode in 'fire cracky' delight on this July 4th, Independence Day, 2011. Happy Birthday, Good Olde U.S.A.

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