Masturbation Can Be Fun

Masturbation Can Be Fun…even if you are the only one.

If those words sound familiar, then you are of the age to remember the musical Hair.

If women did it like men, it would look like this.

if women did it like men

Paddling the pink canoe looks more like this.

paddling the pink canoe

I never know what I am going to post. This just appealed to me. Call it spanking and sex, without the spanking. OK, OK, ladies take a number and spank me.

Yesterday, Bacall saw a picture of James Garner, (Maverick) and she reminded me for the 400th jillion time that he could put his boots under her bed any time. She says the same thing about Rowdy Yates, the first James Bond, Magnum, etc. etc. Am I jealous? Heck no, I look like Hubbell in The Way We Were. I just don’t age.

I really pity the poor girl watching Maverick with her panties soaked and no one to spank her. Life can be so cruel.


Go Cut A Switch

If you insist on behaving like a child, then I will treat you like one. Come here, please.’ I’d heard words like that with that certain tone more often than I care to remember, and my knees always turned to jelly.
Being told to go and cut a switch was what you heard when you had pushed your Mom a little too far. It never failed to bring on weak legs, nausea and maybe tears of remorse. Happened to me, happened to Bacall.
Thankfully, we did not have peach trees. We always heard those were the worst. But we had plenty of switch bushes and you knew you better bring back switches that would please her.
I got the same treatment in grade school when I was sent to fetch the paddle and bring it back. That was misery walking down the hall holding a paddle that anyone looking out of the open classroom doors could see and know that it was going to be put to use on me.
I have used this in play scenes, telling the naughty lass to bring me the paddle. Once sending her to Bacall to ask her for the paddle.
Bacall took it as an opportunity to paddle her first and then sent her along to me. That was not in the script. She told me that Bacall paddled harder than I did. I took that as a challenge and I made sure that she had no further complaints.
It’s all part of my life long fascination with paddles. Having her hand me the paddle or seeing her holding the paddle she is going to use on me – both work equally well for me.

Before you run outside and cut a switch, do consider that you can break the skin with one without trying very hard. I suggest you start with thin ones and use several at the same time. This will soften the effect a little. You will have lines.

Chain Maile

What the heck does this have to do with spanking? Well, look in the mirror. It’s made like a thong. Her bottom is framed for a paddling.
Nice frame indeed!
I know it’s Monday and her outfit is not white, but I really like it. OK? Besides, maybe it’s time you developed a new fetish? Do you have the patience to hand make a chain maile outfit for her?

Sports Anyone?


Is it too late for tennis? We don’t keep up with it. One of the regular readers pointed me in the direction of the these pictures, so I wanted to share them with you, even if tennis season is over, spankable bottoms are always in season.

Seems that I forgot to do a Friday post, so I will schedule this for Saturday morning in the US.

Enjoy the weekend!



Three pictures for the sports fans.

The last one is girdle like.

Did You Think She Was His Wife?

There was a F/M Blog a year or so ago that got a lot of traffic as it featured this lass spanking her husband. I was never convinced it was written by a woman as it catered entirely to male submissive fantasies. Early on, I decided that as soon as he put all of his fantasies out there the Blog would die. And so it did.

did you ever believe this was his wife

I think she was a model he hired. Good for him. He seems to be enjoying himself here. Ever been spanked on pallet of bricks?

The way she is holding the leather paddle is…well not the way I would hold it. Oh wait, I would not be sitting on his back either. As Emily Litella might have said.


dirty snow rosanne

Plastic or Wood?


These are Bacall’s hairbrushes. The plastic one was a Christmas present from her aunt to her in the 60’s. Made of heavy plastic, it’s silent and brutal.

The wooden one she saw on an end cap display at Wal*Mart about a decade ago and just had to have it. Every time she has it, she says never again.

plastic or wood

Here is a tale of a hair brush from a regular reader.

I’m beginning to think my purchasing that NuWest hairbrush wasn’t the smartest thing to do. The other day the missus decided I of all people could use a little lap time… so thus decided, I found myself pantless…. boxerless… soon draped over the wifely knee in our bedroom getting a very thorough going over with a crisp hand spanking and a few dozen with our leather paddle / strap, only to be followed by her first real, honest to goodness session with the NW brush. OUCH!… OWWIEE!… Holy Crap!

Man that thing sure burns a husband’s bottom! As I lay there clawing the bedcover and kicking my little feet… I thought maybe it wasn’t too late to send it back but somewhere in the midst of my backside being set on fire I heard the wife remark… “You know this thing really does have a nice weight and balance!… I’m hardly even putting my wrist into it… yet.”

Oh brother… by that time I was in a serious state of misgiving about getting what I’d asked for. She didn’t seem to pay any mind though and probably resembled Ms. Bacall right about then, having WAY TOO MUCH FUN tanning my butt! Maybe I was having one of those off days or transition times you mentioned but I nearly crawled out of my skin before she decided I’d had enough. You know, it took just about every ounce of my will power to keep my bottom in range but in the end… it was worth it. The beast with two backs was seen lurking about soon afterwards so I guess maybe I didn’t make such a bad purchase after all.

That was last weekend before leaving this past week on a business trip. You know I felt that bottom for three days….

Didn’t seem to mind either.

Ode to Belts – II

You may be pleased to know that when I tasked Bacall to write about belts, that it took her a week for her to get around to it. So, until she got around to it, she got the belt several times. Did she delay on purpose? No idea and don’t care.

The belts and straps are well oiled. I like to oil her bottom with glycerin. It’s so much better than water for amping up the sting. She is so cute kicking her legs.


Not me. Not Bacall. But, we have done this.