On Being Popular

Most Bloggers get excited by numbers – visitors, followers, hits, etc. I do too. But, we have never done anything to attract traffic. It comes or not. Our original idea was to share our admittedly unique spanking style and have some fun doing it. That has not changed.

Originally, we had a few links to Blogs we liked. Everyone of them died. Perhaps our links were the kiss of death? Now we don’t have any links. So all can rest in peace.

We don’t have ads and we don’t review commercial sites.

When I post serious topics, there are usually very few, if any, comments. Admittedly, that is a little disappointing. But, not even MBS always gets spot on thoughtful responses.

When I post eye candy pictures, there are usually several comments. White Panty Monday’s were especially popular. So while I know my reader’s tastes, I don’t plan to pander to them. If a picture is especially interesting to me, I will share it. But, just pictures of bare bottoms. Nope!

Tumbler seems to be the new rage. Just pictures without any text. So pictures are available and I don’t need to lose any sleep worrying that OBB readers might not be getting their daily dose.

According to a gadget in the right margin, our top referring sites are Consensual Spanking, Chross, MBS, Spanking Bloggers Network, and Spanked By My Lady. Three of the five are of interest to us.

We have 97 followers. I wonder if all 97 still read OBB? I will consider it a milestone if we pass 100.

I could publish pictures of Bacall getting spanked, but you have seen a few of those, though you did not always know it was her. I could go into the photo vault and publish private pictures. I have done that on occasion while respecting privacy, but that will not be regular fare either. I could publish pictures of Bacall paddling me. Nope, don’t have a camera with a remote control. So you are lucky.

So what’s in the future? I suspect more of the same. But I will try to somewhat limit eye candy in difference to our three female readers.

candy panties

Oops this picture of candy striped panties just appeared. It’s not my fault.

Enjoying It


Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest.


This lass seems to be relishing how the flogger is going to feel on her bare bottom.


if you ask nicely

This lass seems eager to feel the hairbrush she is proffering to the man to use on her bare backside.

My apologies to our readers. I often tend to leave out words in sentences. It makes understanding a bit difficult. I proof read, butt……..

I have noticed that many of my posts in recent weeks are little more than eye candy that appeal to the male readers. To prevent losing our female readers, we will have to do less eye candy.

Popping Over


Were just popping over… One of my fav terms that Brits use.

On this side of the pond we might use it to indicate that a popping/spanking was over. OK, Bacall you can get up now, your popping is over. Do pop by the next time you need a good popping.

I am thinking this young lady has an ideal shaped bottom for a good popping.



Isn’t summer grand?

After Action Report

by Bacall

Today Bogey got a paddling. We don’t always want the same old, same old stuff.  It makes one wonder after decades of being together what I could do that would be different.  Well, first, I put on a fancy black bra & panties, then a white top and skirt – going for the “slutty” look.  Next the shoes – something conservative that a teacher might wear.


I got out two paddles to use – one is thick which we call the Principal’s paddle.  The other is thinner, which we call the Teacher’s paddle.   (We name our paddles – doesn’t everyone?)

I proceeded to get the paddles popping on his backside. After I was done with the Principal’s paddle, I gave him a short break.

I took off my top and skirt. You know it’s hard work paddling someone. Winking smile  Bogey says I am dressed for a paddling.  I thought I was dressed to give a paddling! He gave me the  stingy Teacher’s paddle – ouch!

When I am finished paddling Bogey, I must have once again felt “paddle proof” because I took down my panties and asked him for more with the Teacher’s paddle.  I have never been paddled on the bare bottom with it.  It lived up to it’s name!  And it was something new for us.