White Panty Memorial Day Monday

White Panties9

The ninth weekly edition. Only three more weeks to go. Then I will have to figure out something else easy to post.

Some variety this week. Very delicate wear in the top left. Shiny nylon below. Boy shorts in jeans in the upper right. Cotton with a big smile rounds it out.

Which one would I most like to paddle? Frankly, I can not decide. Can I give each two licks and then try to make a choice?

I honor Americans who have died in all wars.

Correct Positioning

Web Ed who does Chicago Spanking Review wrote:

Here’s a question for you, which I hope you haven’t answered (and I missed): When paddling someone, I’m a real stickler for correct positioning, believing it to be central to the experience, insisting that knees be kept straight and bottom turned up and stuck out. So what are your (both or your) views on this subject, from both perspectives (giving and receiving)?

We are keen to get the position correct – for safety and to obtain the maximum sting. I was prepping a short post on this subject just a day or so before your comment. So I will merge it here.

Would You Spank Here?

The watermark on this picture shows it was taken during a professional spanking photo shoot. Like many professionally done spankings, I consider the area the spoon is resting on to be out of bounds. Since there is redness there some professionals do not share my view.


We don’t spank that way around here. Would you spank that high or do you like to be spanked that high?

Also Bacall recently found your How To Paddle reference. We think a lot professionals would benefit from adhering to it.

I was also able to locate a post we made on New Years Day of 2010 also titled How To Paddle.

Good question sir. We hope more people will adopt your excellent guidelines.

Paddle Proof

A rare post by Bacall

I felt very good when we got up this morning.  Seemed like a good time to play.  But first we had some yard work to do.  Then I tried a new recipe that Bogey had picked out – Drunken Sauerkraut.  It sounded so good, but it took two hours to fix.  Well let me tell you, when a kitchen timer goes off it really cuts into play time.

When I went to the grocery store yesterday, the craving that I had for a watermelon just overtook me and it was under $4.  Poor Bogey thinks the prices should be the same as they were 40 years ago.  Bogey decides that I will have the pay for my purchase and I said “Fine, and it will be worth every paddle pop!”   As I said I was feeling good, actually I think I was feeling paddle proof.  We were dressed up for play and between the oven timer, I was getting my pops.  I suggested that he use the “teacher’s paddle.”  Then I found he already was using it! But as I said, I was feeling paddle proof.  I made up a little song, A paddling we will go, a paddling we will go, etc.  So I am getting pops while I am singing.  [She kept on singing and singing. Bless her heart] He decides that maybe the pops are not hard enough.  But now it’s time to eat lunch and by the way, the sauerkraut was okay, but not worth two hours time.  After lunch, the play continues.  By this time, I am feeling sorry for Bogey because he isn’t getting his share of the paddle.  So we switch and I am singing my little song, but obviously Bogey was not sharing the same “paddle proof” feeling.

It was a very fun day.  I think both of us wonders when I will be feeling paddle proof again.

Bacall sure was feeling paddle proof. I think she took more licks today than I can recall.

Monday Again

If she is wearing white panties it must be Monday.

White Panties8

There is something about the lower right one that makes it special for me.

Once upon a time, we were at a party that had a staircase. One little darling slid down the banister and surprise, surprise, she got spanked for it. I am sure it never entered her mind that she might get spanked. Certainly not. With only six or eight men in the room who would think that one of them just might use her bannister sliding as an excuse to spank her. Bacall was not next on the banister, but over the weekend, I think all the girls did the slide and spank.

Everyday, I am Plagued

I wake up everyday with images in my mind. They are either woman I am spanking or women spanking me. This has been going on since I was in my late teens. I am plagued. I wonder if I only liked to spank or be spanked if my mind would be less active with spanking?


Only a spanko could see spanking in this image. Are we cursed??


Perhaps if Gogo were on my mind I could break free of spanking??? I am certain she could wilt a hard on with that ball and chain.

I really appreciate the recent comments from all the folks who have never commented before. Muchas gracias.


Now that you have found that no one from the thought police knocked on your door, please come again.