Orgasm Denial

In those rare times when Bacall is feeling really submissive and is hotter than a fox, which is much more common; I tell her she can not come – yet. Those words get her even hotter. I proceed to paddle and diddle her for a bit longer. I think this sort of play is rather common.

There is another sort of orgasm denial that I have  difficult time understanding. This is from one of the FLR Blogs. He writes I am locked up snug as a bug in a rug, I haven’t had an orgasm all year long(lol), and B and I won’t be getting together again until Saturday. I love it!

I have spent a lifetime enjoying giving and receiving orgasms and now I find that some men seek to avoid them. They want to be spanked, but denied orgasm. And this is hot for them.

I think Bacall and I will continue to have as many orgasms as our bodies and minds will allow and always an orgasm served with our paddling’s.

I think Zelle has it right.

Mentioning Zelle brings me to another thought. I have always thought that spanking enthusiasts have a gene that allows their more creative efforts to shine through. Zelle certainly has the creative gene. Has anyone else noticed that creativity and wit seems to be abundant the gen pop of spanking enthusiasts?

3 thoughts on “Orgasm Denial”

  1. I definitely agree, orgasm denial is not for me, either! Nope, no way… 😉 But of course it is absolutely okay if it works for others!

    As the connection between kink and creativity goes: I'm not sure about that issue. There might be a connection because many spanking enthusiasts like creative things like role-playing, but I'm not sure whether the average kinkster is really more creative than the average non-kinky person. Maybe we only find so much creativity and creative people on spanking blogs because blog-writing and creativity often go together?

  2. Bogey, this along with Zelle's posts on “Orgasm Restriction” and “Spanking and Orgasms go together like……” make a wonderful compendium on the subject. I'm with you in that I will bring Season to the edge and prolong the “agony” but will always give her a happy ending. I will also do like Zelle's Top and restrict Season's pleasure for a time but so far never so long as two weeks as was the case with Zelle. I will excite Season throughout the day or even the weekend and and when I finally give her release it is very intense.

    I don't understand not having an orgasm for a year, but all our differences is what makes our community unique and special.

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