We Are Both Alpha’s

We are both alpha types. We can snarl at one another in a heartbeat – if we get careless. Over the years we have both learned how to deal with the other without getting into a fight. Well most of the time. Even if we are fighting, we have never let it interfere with sex or spanking. That’s a whole different area for us.

Since we don’t do “faux discipline” or “DD” that may be what allows us to enjoy each other physically while still warily eyeballing the other about a perceived slight.

We will leave DD and FLR to others. We like our circumstances.

One thought on “We Are Both Alpha’s”

  1. I think that is great. I am very uneasy about punishment scenarios and believe they lead to all sorts of perversions. Just look at the internet. A nice fun spanking within marriage though is great even if it is quite hard. No domination in our marriage. The spanked one leads from the bottom (excuse the pun).

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