The Sofa Redux

It’s was a good day, sun shining, not too cold, so it was time to try out the new sofa once again.  This was a very good paddling session, just the way I like it – erotic.  Sometimes I have my delicate days, when the paddle just stings more than other days.  This was one of those days, but the leather paddle was perfect, but of course we had to use my special wood paddle with holes in it that Bogey made for me.  And I thought the high point was that the workers wouldn’t be here, so we had time to enjoy. 

But little did I know that the high point awaited me in the bedroom.  Bogey used two of our very soft deerskin floggers on me.  So the mood was set and I was totally excited and he satisfied me.  It’s nice to have time to really enjoy each other.

blue polka dots

Bacall bought these pale blue polka dot panties for her Christmas stocking. I told her she would be paddled every time she wore them. She looked at me and said “of course”.

This picture was taken about halfway through.

I put the OBB watermark on pictures I take. I got tired of seeing them on other Blogs only days after I posted them with no credit to their origin.

4 thoughts on “The Sofa Redux”

  1. Glad to read that you had such a good time! Happy Valentine's Day to the two of you! 🙂

    I also use a watermark for our pictures and it works very well, Bogey.

  2. May the joys of Cupid's paddle find both of you today!

    …and seriously, do you expect us to believe you two didn't sneak a quick try out of that new sofa in the showroom first? LOL

    Have a SpankaFrolic Kinda' Day!

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